Features of E-Commerce in China

    Bad time chose Google to leave China. This country is currently experiencing a real boom in e-commerce, writes The Economist.

    Online trading in China has a number of unusual features that distinguish it from similar markets in Western countries. Firstly, due to the extremely cheap labor, the problem of delivery is being solved. For example, in Shanghai, for just five yuan ($ 0.73), a courier on a scooter is ready to bring goods to any part of the city within an hour.

    Prices in online stores in China are on average 21% lower than in offline stores, which is associated with high competition. According to Credit Suisse, there is no such big difference in prices in any country in the world.

    The last problem - the lack of a popular electronic payment system - is also almost resolved. Alibaba, the country's largest web portal, is currently actively promoting two of its new projects: Taobao electronic trading platform and Alipay payment system.

    The level of penetration of electronic commerce in China is already higher than, for example, in Russia. According to Nielsen research firm, about two-thirds of Internet users in China have made at least one online purchase in the last six months. Studies show that now about 10% (!) Of all children's goods in China are sold through the Internet.

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