FF - an interesting moment that I did not know before

    Go straight to the point.

    In the form, I made such a construction for the autocomplete (two inputs inside the same label): And I found that in this situation the text field cannot get focus after clicking the mouse (the cursor appears and disappears right away, if you start typing from the keyboard, nothing happens). After I found out: if both inputs are made textual, then it is clearly visible what is being done: when you click on the second input (mouseDown), the cursor appears there, but with mouseUp it immediately jumps to the first input. I didn’t know this before, and the search didn’t help much (maybe, of course, I looked badly), so I decided to publish it. Yes, by the way, if you navigate through the form using Tab - everything is fine, the focus is not lost. And yet - in chrome there is no such effect, I haven’t looked anywhere else.

    -> input type=hidden
    -> input type=text

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