Google, Twitter and iPad

    Yesterday, Google introduced a very interesting service that allows you to search by microblogging at any time. Microblogging includes public messages in MySpace, Facebook, Google Buzz, but, of course, the bulk of Twitter messages.

    We will observe with this service how Apple marketers work on the example of the iPad. Perhaps this observation will seem interesting to people promoting their (or other people's) projects.

    Mentions iPad for the year It all starts with its presentation to the public in February, and the peak so far falls at the beginning of sales in April. Search is great for narrowing down time intervals. Let's see April in more detail .

    The excitement grew until the day of sales, then it began to fade, and what do we see in ten days? The peak stands out a little against the general background. We are approaching on April 14 and choose a more pronounced peak. The reason is that Apple announced a "delay" in European sales due to "increased US demand." And what happened in March ? Systematically peaks in the number of references every 5-10 days (March 6, 12, 19, 29). If, for example, we look at March 12 , then the reason is that the Apple Store is closed - the iPad is preparing for sales - an excellent informational occasion. And so - with every peak - you can find an informational occasion initiated by Apple.

    As a possible tip for creating new products and services: also regularly and systematically create informational events .

    Another thesis about the new service from Google :

    While searching until February, but promise until 2006.

    In any time interval (year, month, day ...), no more than 10 of the most “important” tweets are displayed.

    Rank, apparently, on the basis of many factors: the number of retweets, the number of friends ...

    In the official post, different examples of searches are given.

    Interestingly, if you replace “hl = en” with “hl = ru” in the URL line, then the tweets will be mainly in Russian but Replay will not work yet.

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