Restaurant 2.0

    Welcome to restaurant 2.0!

    A restaurant

    Choose a table and arrange yourself more conveniently, now the waiter will bring you a menu.

    A waiter approaches you, greets and puts a tablet computer on the table.

    restaurant 2.0

    You scroll through the pages, note the dishes you like, see what you order most often, find out what Chardonnay or Beaujolais is recommended with salmon steak.

    You can even watch a video on how to prepare your dish, and your girlfriend can calculate the calorie content of this dinner with one click on the menu screen.

    Yes, I forgot to say, the waiter recognized you, and entered your name on the menu. You are authorized. Now this is your personal menu that remembers that you never order sweets, but really like spicy foods.

    If you are tired of choosing, you can say the menu “I'm lucky!”. Then the menu itself will make a choice based on your tastes.

    Yes, the menu knows everything about your tastes, it remembers that yesterday you ordered lamb in French with herbs, and last week you liked the cream of champignon soup.

    You can make as many bookmarks as you like on any menu page, leave a comment on any dish, and rate the cook.

    In the next part I will describe the technical points.

    In the comments, I propose to discuss how much such a menu may be of interest to you? How interested are you in social and interactive features? Is there a place for a computer in a restaurant?

    Part 2. How to do it is not necessary.

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