A little bit about designing

    Since I often visit the Krylatskoye metro station, I constantly think about how it would be easy to improve this station if the designer thought about the users and how they would use his product.

    Let's take the station diagram from the official website of the Moscow subway www.mosmetro.ru

    Let's draw the flows of people at the station. The red arrows show the path of people who came from the center and are moving to the rising escalator to the exit. Green - the path of those who descend into the subway and go to the center. These two routes are typical, since the station is located at the end of the metro line and not many people try to leave from Krylatsky to Mitino or vice versa.

    As a result, it turns out that the main paths intersect, people dodge from each other, push around and think to themselves “Where are you going, you fool!” And how much less difficulty would be if the designer made escalators in the drawing closer to the path towards Strogino, and the stairs descent closer to the path towards the center. One stroke, and the work would become worthy of the master’s brush.

    It is unlikely that anyone will be interested, so I put it in a personal blog.
    Or advise where it can lie better?

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