About the page "Access to publications is limited"

    There is a technical page on the hub, which is displayed when trying to read a post that cannot be read. And it is better than the standard 403 web server error.

    But! One simple link / login form is missing (in case we are not authorized).

    It is completely unbearable to carry out the same frauds every working morning:
    1. read rss tape
    2. Having fully desired to read the post, click
    3. swear that you need to log in (often in humor)
    4. we read the text of the error in search of a solution that is not there
    5. open a new tab with the main
    6. click on the authorization link
    7. login, close the tab
    8. We are updating the tab with the publication for which we came.
    How many extra actions? 4.

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