RFID Implants: Hello, Matrix!

    Yes, RFID implants are no longer a sensation. It already exists and will soon be available to almost everyone. Another technological miracle along with computers, mobile communications, GPS and many other achievements of the human mind. And, worst of all, perhaps this is the last “brick” that is missing to create a full-fledged Matrix. Holistic, stable and manageable.

        But let's start with the concepts. What are RFID implants (for those who do not yet know), and why are they so scary? An RFID implant is an RFID chip (a small but clever microcircuit), a small antenna and a “wrapper” that allows the whole farm to be imperceptibly in a biological organism (for example, in a person or some animal). What is the meaning of RFID ?? And it means that the microcircuit is so "smart" that it can "communicate" over the radio channel with its owner and some electronic devices (this requires the aforementioned antenna). An unpleasant feature of this device is that its real owner of this device is not at all the person into whom it was installed, but an external control panel or, more precisely, the one who clicks on its buttons. RFID

        stands for R adio F requency ID entification - radio frequency identification, because initially RFID chips were developed as a means for contactless identification of goods, cars, animals. As RFID tags. Actually, they have been used in this capacity for more than one year, and almost all of them have probably come across this. Indeed, it is very convenient! A bookstore saleswoman simply places a book on a panel on her desk, and the cash register already knows which book you want to buy. And if she doesn’t do this, then when she tries to get the book out of the store, an alarm will go off. At the entrance to the subway, you simply attach the contact card to the turnstile (you can not even pull it out of the bag), and the turnstile will record the fact of paying for the fare, and the card will remember that you have one less trip left. The introduction of RFID chips saves us from the hassle and many unnecessary gestures, because a fairly large number of purely technical actions, formalities occur very quickly, and, most importantly - automatically, implicitly.

        This is the catch. The dialogue between the RFID chip and any external device is completely invisible to us. Moreover, the need to bring a ticket directly to the turnstile panel (even if not pulling it out of a bag) is only a deliberate convention, an artificial restriction. Without difficulty, you could make sure that you went through the turnstile without performing any special manipulations at all: the RFID chip could “negotiate” with the turnstile at a distance of ten meters. Just for public transport contact optioncards are more convenient. And false positives are excluded, and does not provoke the imagination of paranoid. But when using special equipment, the RFID chip and its owner can conduct a dialogue even at a distance of hundreds of meters. Well, unilaterally, without receiving a “response”, you can send any command to thousands of RFID chips even from a satellite. And these actions, without the use of special measures (which are not always available and not for everyone), no one will be able to fix, control or stop.

        This is the tragedy and pathology of technological progress. The more complex the technologies and mechanisms that we create become, the more difficult it is to manage them, the more difficult it is to find a common language with them, the more difficult it is to control them. If a mechanical watch can still be called a relatively simple device, the work of which, if desired (with a great desire!) Can be understood even by a layman, then the microcircuit is already a microcosm that is no longer directly accessible to us. Black box. We cannot look inside her and see what is happening in her. To some extent, this is possible only for a specialist, in laboratory conditions, using special equipment. We can only interact with her outside and try to understand the logic of her work, but what really happens inside her, what she doesin fact , only its creator knows. And even he may not understand the essence of some phenomena. Of course, we can not be afraid of microchip revolutions, but our electronics are already leading their "secret life".

        And now, perhaps, it’s worth a moment to get distracted and voice a few questions: for many, they probably already speak the language. Because of what, in fact, fuss? What is the Matrix? With a capital letter ... In our time! Well, yes, everyone knows the film. Watched. Superintelligent robots, colossal plantations of human biomass, virtual reality of planetary proportions ... But is this not nonsense? Is it paranoia? In films, this does not happen! And in general, what does the RFID chip have to do with it?

        A fairy tale is a lie, as they say, but a hint in it ... You should not forget about it, because a lot of what science fiction writes about is sometimes realized. What we see today in science fiction films, our children or grandchildren may well see in reality. And only good and bright fairy tales should become reality, terrible ones need to be well known and from time to time to compare with the reality surrounding us: will we not by chance notice some similarities? Isn’t it time to take a fresh look at old tales? Until they gained flesh and strength. Or maybe it's time to sound the alarm?

        But back to the topic directly. Why are RFID chips / tags / implants so scary in this context, and how are they related to the unbridled fantasies of writers and directors? In order to make it easier to answer this question, we clarify the concepts and fantasize a little ourselves.

        Since the word “Matrix” from the “character” of a science fiction film quietly grew into a term, in the beginning it is necessary to determine what exactly we associate with this term. Initially, the film was called the program that supports the virtual world, but in the course of the plot the meaning of the name is imperceptibly expanded, and soon it covers the virtual world itself. For us, this approach would be quite convenient. In the general case, we can define the virtual world as a set of people, that is, residents of this world, the rules in accordance with which it exists, and its “inside out” - technical support and organizational measures necessary to maintain it. And the Matrix is one of the options of the virtual world, its highest form.

        If we compare the above with what surrounds us, it seems that in order to create a virtual world these days nothing supernatural is required. It is enough to gather a group of people in a certain place, clearly explain to them the "rules of the game" and leave them to ourselves, in the future only by monitoring the observance of the rules, so that they do not scatter. Does this remind us of anything from our world? Such "institutions" as military service, prison and sect immediately come to mind. In the first two cases, this is really just a similarity: people in these “realities” clearly recognize their boundaries and their place in the world around them. That is, they clearly share the real reality and the created artificially. The latter option is much more perfect: in sects, due to the rigid purposeful influence on the consciousness and subconscious, virtual reality with its world order and laws often replaces the real one. And if the virtual world is able to completely replace the real one, it can rightfully be calledMatrix .

        Thus, it turns out that almost everything is ready to create the Matrices. Almost ... There are people, there are many ways to organize them and convey new ideas to them. There are plenty of ideas and even models of virtual worlds: a variety of religious templates, science fiction novels, as well as computer games will satisfy any Architect. You don’t even have to invent anything: take from everywhere that you like, but merge it into a heap. The tale will endure everything. And you can do even easier. After all, which virtual world is the most stable? Either the simplest or the closest to the real. And the truth is the most similar to the truth, even if corrected in the right places. And the best virtual world, respectively, is a slightly adjusted real one. It is only necessary to convey to everyone a new worldview and to make him believe in its reality. What is missing is some small connecting element that will enliven illusions and save from unnecessary doubts. It is only necessary to skillfully and subtly affect the consciousness of people. Caution, imperceptibly, but quickly and in droves. In other words, you need a little Trojan horse that everyone wants.

        This is a rather unpleasant and scary conclusion, but RFID implants are one of the most suitable technologies for this purpose. They are in a person, imperceptible, remotely controlled. All that is missing is to teach RFID chips to purposefully influence the psyche of people, and implant them with these chips. The first is probably the most difficult. With a good combination of circumstances, this can take from 5 to 20 years. Or maybe even less: intelligence agencies and secret laboratories rarely shout about their achievements. The second is simpler. Strengthening control and security measures associated with the intensification of terrorism / extremism / banditry; the introduction of new mobile communications and cashless payments; protection against another (specially prepared) fatal illness (who will refuse a salvage pacemaker, when some kind of “resonant atypical arrhythmia” is mowing people around the world?) ... A well-organized public relations campaign ... The main thing is to season everything with a delicious sauce, and people themselves will ask them to implant an RFID implant. Moreover, they will be ready to pay a lot of money for this.

        The first generations of RFID implants will be routine, no secrets. People should get used to them, get comfortable. To understand that cohabitation with an RFID implant is not only safe and convenient, but simply vital. That RFID implants give them new, completely unprecedented opportunities and even privileges; they are constantly being improved, and in order to keep up with life, we need to update our “little friend” from time to time. That RFID implants are needed by both adults and children, and those who do not have them and oppose them are inadequate and dangerous, because they oppose themselves to society. What to fight with them. At this stage, the soil will be prepared. And then, once, during the next update of the lineup, people will receive RFID implants with a “secret”, with a hidden undocumented function, the presence of which even experts will not know about. And a little later when the overwhelming majority of people will be “equipped” with new generation RFID implants, some of the satellites hanging in clusters in low Earth orbit will send a conditional radio signal that all RFID chips will “hear”. And their secret function will come to life. And, waking up in the morning, people will open their eyes and see that their familiar world has become incredibly beautiful. And a soft pleasant voice will say to them: “Good morning! The Matrix welcomes you! ” And happiness will light their faces. And people will become robots. And a soft pleasant voice will say to them: “Good morning! The Matrix welcomes you! ” And happiness will light their faces. And people will become robots. And a soft pleasant voice will say to them: “Good morning! The Matrix welcomes you! ” And happiness will light their faces. And people will become robots.

        After all that has been said, it may seem that the whole thing is exclusively in RFID implants, that they are a world evil. Of course not! That would be too easy. They are just one of many gears. Rather, they are ready to become one. But there are others. Think, for example, of mobile networks. More precisely about the towers. And about the coverage area. And remember the Inhabited Island. If not a book, then at least a movie. There are some similarities, right? After all, who can interfere with their owners during the introduction of new equipment for providing new generation mobile communications (3G-4G-5G) instead of the usual transmitter, put “unusual” - capable of emitting, in addition to the standard frequency range, also at that frequency that, for example, suppresses aggression and will? Moreover, neither mobile operators nor equipment manufacturers will know anything about this function: the manufacturer collects the transmitters from the finished “blocks” (specialized boards or even finished devices) and will not find a “surprise” if you do not look for it purposefully. The operators of the subtleties of the “iron” work are generally of little concern: from their point of view, the towers themselves are also “cubes”, which should stand in their places and just work well. But the one who developed one of the specialized motherboards hidden in the bowels of the radio transmitter knows that if she is told a “magic word” in a certain way, one of the microcircuits will “wake up” and the transmitter will work in a completely different way: the signal from the satellite and the population all more or less large settlements of the country or even many countries in a matter of seconds turns into a dumb obedient herd. After that, everything is possible. For example, to command people to come to “points of modernization” as soon as possible, urgently deployed everywhere, and implant them all the same RFID tags. Even the simplest. To facilitate remote identification and location control. So that the sheep do not run away. What's next is not important. This is where the story ends. And the fact that such a scenario is quite possible is a fact. Almost everything is ready for this, too.

        According to various information floating in the air, it can be judged that studies of the effect on the human psyche of various radiations, sounds, smells and other factors have been conducted since ancient times and quite successfully continue today. Many of the achievements of our distant ancestors were lost, but left their mark on history. And the mysteries of the past spur the enthusiasm of modern scholars, like distant beacons. Lighthouses calling to the Matrix. And that means - into the abyss.

        Paranoia? Not. Warning. For he who is warned is armed. The matrix is ​​multivariate. Even if the black cat, the presence of which we allowed in the black room, is not a cat at all, this makes little difference. Based on the totality of signs, we can conclude that we may soon begin to eat. And I would like to avoid this. We have only scattered facts. But if you put them together (and here only a small part is given here) and draw logical connections, the picture is frightening. You can, of course, brush aside all this, tell yourself that all this is nonsense, paranoia and bullshit. That this cannot be, because this can never be. Can. Today. But tomorrow it may turn out that this problem no longer interests anyone. Because a terrible tale has become an inevitable reality.

        So what to do? The eternal Russian question ... Let us into our lives the next Trojan horse (as we have already let in televisions, computers, mobile phones and the Internet) or not? Indeed, modern Trojan horses are much more dangerous than the Greek one in that their effect is usually hidden, uncontrolled and unpredictable. But at the same time, it is extremely difficult to refuse them, because they are very useful: they help us accumulate, process and transmit unthinkable volumes of information, freely communicate and fantastically enrich our leisure time. So how do we be? Perhaps the question should be posed differently: do we have a choice? Probably not. It makes no sense to fight new technologies, because the back side has all the useful things: an RFID chip, a knife, and a match. Any thing can be used both for good and for evil. And progress is swift and relentless. And one who does not try to keep up with the times, very soon drops out of society, from his time and becomes an outcast. All that remains for us is to fight for the openness and controllability of potentially dangerous technologies and to defend our independence from devices and technologies that can subordinate us to ourselves and our owners. If this does not save humanity from the Matrix, then at least it will delay its creation for a while. Or will it make participation in it purely voluntary, if her coming is inevitable. who can subordinate us to themselves and their owners. If this does not save humanity from the Matrix, then at least it will delay its creation for a while. Or will it make participation in it purely voluntary, if her coming is inevitable. who can subordinate us to themselves and their owners. If this does not save humanity from the Matrix, then at least it will delay its creation for a while. Or will it make participation in it purely voluntary, if her coming is inevitable.

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