Great selection of indie games *. Part three

    * or what to do all weekend for six months in advance.

    I continue to indulge Habrahabr readers with indie games on Friday evening. Parts of the first and second selections for those who missed by inattention :)


    ChalkI consider this game as a shooter, although in fact you will not shoot anything here. By controlling a piece of chalk with the mouse, you destroy enemies by crossing their weak points with drawn lines. This game is a great example of a good implementation of a talented idea.

    Free .

    Clean asia

    Clean asiaAnother innovative shooter, Clean Asia allows you to control either Michael R. Dole on the attracting ship or Miki I. Dole on the reflector ship. Your goal? The destruction of the evil eyeballs that stupefied the people of Asia (hence the name). But in fact, this strange story was invented only for wrapping resourceful game mechanics, which forces you to smash enemies into pieces, and then use these pieces as bullets.

    Free .

    Mr. Robot

    Mr.  RobotThe charm. With this word, you can describe the game Moonpod'a "Mr. Robot, ”a story about a droid, Azimov, doing a dirty job aboard an interstellar colonial ship known as Eidolon. On-board artificial intelligence crashed and only Asimov could save hundreds of colonists kept in the freeze, as well as the remaining ship robots. High sales figures, dense gameplay and a pleasant, introspective protagonist distinguish this nostalgic action puzzle game from the total th ... mu ... number of games of the same type.

    $ 25 .


    EetsTico Breich from Penny Arcade! described this game as “A juicy mix of“ Lemmings ”and“ The Incredible Machine, with ornate graphics and unusual gameplay ”, which very elegantly reflects the essence of this action puzzle game in which you control the emotions of the main character by throwing him food. Eets also has an active community that has contributed to the creation of more than 200 levels in return for the original hundred.

    $ 10 .

    Stair / Truck / Sauna Dismount

    Stair / Truck / Sauna DismountHow do you like the idea of ​​competing for the maximum damage to the human body? The creators of this game did not get into their pocket for a word and have already made three rather fun simulators of this business in different scenery.

    For free .

    The shivah

    The shivahThe protagonist of this adventure game is a cynical loser rabbi. The game itself is named after the Jewish mourning ritual and is a fascinating, well-made detective story that touches on issues of faith and morality. PC Gamer Magazine, admiring games like The Shivah, stated that they "are really starting to reach the level of ordinary literature on emotional and intellectual integrity."

    $ 5 .


    DefconAnother fantasy of guys from Introversion. Briefly, it can be described as follows: "I want to steer a big red button." Yes, the same red, after which people will play with each other exclusively in Fallout. It turned out they have exclusively multiplayer fun for offices. Ideal for fans to play the treacherous cold war.

    $ 16.60 .
    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

    Tumiki fighters

    Tumiki fightersKent Cho, revered in the TIGSource community as if he were a Chaldean god, created some really excellent, albeit a few abstract, scroll-shooters. Tumiki Fighters is one of his most interesting games, in which you select and attach parts of defeated enemies to use their weapons. The "toy" style inherent in Kent's games is their unique feature and gives them a kind and fun atmosphere. Play for fun! This is interesting: Tumiki Fighters is written in the programming language D.

    Free .

    Alien hominid

    Alien hominidWinner of numerous awards, including three awards from IGF'05, Alien Hominid is the brainchild of Newgrounds , founded by Tom Fulp and animator Dan Paladin aka “Synj”. At first it was a dynamic flash game of the Shoot'n'run genre, but thanks to Newsgrounds, it first appeared on the Xbox, and then on other consoles. One of the first high-quality indie games to reach the mass console user. Alien Hominid captivates from the first minute and does not let go throughout all 60 levels. And how good the bosses are! Communist fighting vehicles or pudding monsters will not leave anyone indifferent :)

    $ 10 or 800 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360). On the Internet you can find the very first flash version, which is free .
    Windows (old flash version), Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox 360.


    MachinariumThe idyllic quest from the creators of Samorost and Samorost 2 skillfully tells of the adventures of a little robot, without spending a single word - a truly multilingual game :) Winner in the Excellence in Visual Art nomination at IGF'09, Machinarium just falls in love with people who are not attractive, but sweetheart picture. Throughout the game, you will sincerely empathize with the robot, so desperate to save the city from imminent death.

    Until December 25, the Machinarium + Samorost 2 collection costs $ 10 .
    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Made using flash technology, but has full distributions for the indicated operating systems.

    A tale in the desert

    A tale in the desertA fascinating looped MMORPG, in which the main emphasis is on economics, politics and socialization, as opposed to classic battles and quests. Despite the small number of players, ATITD stands out as a friendly and strong community, which makes a significant contribution to the development of the social orientation and group dynamics of the game. Users have a real opportunity to moderate the game, are able to write and adopt new laws that entail wide gaming opportunities, including the bans of some personalities (PG (H), hello!).

    Free .
    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

    Immortal defense

    Immortal defenseTower Defense in a beautiful wrapper with a deep philosophical plot that perfectly explains the reason for choosing just such a gameplay. Even a little departed from the canons of the genre, this game is fun, but we really need it, right? :)

    $ 15 .

    Professor fizzwizzle

    Professor fizzwizzleA carefree puzzle game for fans of the genre. Compact, with an abundance of opportunities for players to change levels, the game provides many witty puzzles with boxes, barrels, magnets, robots and other fun devices.

    $ 7 .
    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.


    UplinkYou always wanted to feel like a hacker, but constantly came across the need to know some unknown thing, which is impossible to understand? Once again, the guys from Introversion decided to fantasize for you. As a result, they got almost the only interesting hacker simulator not for hackers. And uniqueness to us is at least something, yes he says, right? ;)

    $ 16.60 .
    Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

    The chzo mythos

    The chzo mythosA series of four adventure games from Ben Kroshaw aka Yahtzee, the plot of which is twisted around the mysterious evil spirit of John Defoe. Starting with “5 Days a Stranger”, where you play as a thief-fortaker imprisoned in John’s ghost house, and ending with “6 Days a Sacrifice”, which takes place at the headquarters of a bizarre cult, the Chzo series of games spans hundreds of years and the life of the three main characters. Each game is unique and filled with terrible secrets, but you must play them in order to get real pleasure from this great game series.
    Play like this: 5 Days A Stranger -> 7 Days A Skeptic -> Trilby's Notes -> 6 Days A Sacrifice.

    Free .


    NethackThe legendary bagel RPG, the favorite game of Eric Reymodne, Richard M. Stallman and Linus Torvalds, NetHack is an incredibly complex open source game, available on a huge number of platforms in various versions, which sends us on a journey through dungeons full of terrible monsters (red L - Ahh! Save who can!). Some people play it for years, but have never been able to pass it. As with all bagels, everything is randomly generated in NetHack, which provides infinitely varied gameplay. Here dying is fun :)

    Free .
    Windows, Amiga, Atari, Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Msdos, OS / 2.
    NetHack About the game.
    NetHack Tips for the first fifty steps


    PunishmentChallenging your vestibular apparatus is a terribly complex platform game that continually prevents the player from doing what he wants. The gameplay is similar to if you were first promoted and then forced to go in a straight line ... and, as a bonus, this game has a level in which the background depicts a giant portrait of the smiling Shigeru Miyamoto - the author of the game.

    Free .

    Chocolate castle

    Chocolate castleJoseph White's games are always filled with enchanting charm, and Chocolate Castle is no exception! In fact, as soon as you see the wonderful Lexaloffle logo, you will realize that you are in good hands. The cutest and simplest game, which makes you feel like a child who does not know the problems, will not leave indifferent even a sullen admin sitting in a dark corner of corporate dungeons :)

    $ 20 .
    Windows, Mac OS X.

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