Surely most visitors to the Habr are quite capable of distinguishing the presence of meaning from the presence of a bunch of supposedly smart words. Personally, I am annoyed by the use of all sorts of English-speaking meaningless terms in an arbitrary order, which well, all kinds of managers are very affected. The British have bullshitbingo.net to fight this evil , but we have nothing, or rather, didn’t.

    bullshitbingo.ru is just a remake of this non-russian bingo. Now fans of generating any nonsense can be sent to this address.

    Oh yes, there is made a very simple administrative interface for creating and editing your own games. The request for him is not very scolding, because he is needed, by and large, once.

    ps Made over the weekend on google app engine. Due to technical difficulties, the address bar does not display exactly what it should, the real address of the chushbingo.appspot.com project is easier to administer from there.

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