Error detection methods in SQL application

    Based on my master class at PHPConf 2009 ( ), I wrote a guide for those who need to catch an error in an SQL application. It would be more correct to name the application in MySQL, but I still think that the general principles are the same for everyone. Ideally, I would like the text to cover the main cases of misbehavior. I will make a reservation that by incorrect behavior I understand logical errors, and not performance problems. Performance problems are a separate issue, by the way, quite well represented on the network.

    The book consists of 4 parts, below you can see a brief summary:

    Part 1. Single queries.
    Cases when the error is repeated for one client thread are considered.

    Part 2. Competitive inquiries.
    Cases when the error is repeated only in cases when several clients work with the database at the same time.

    Part 3. Other cases.
    Cases that do not fit the previous definitions.

    Part 4. Techniques used to debug Production applications.
    A short list of what you need to do if you have to test on a production server.

    The text turned out to be quite voluminous, so I considered it necessary to give a link to an external resource, rather than post it here, as it turned out to be quite a “lot of bukafs”, and several posts in a row on one topic can be tiring.

    Please read and criticize. Your opinion is very interesting. Leave comments here :)

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