The new version of the web typographer of Muravyov Studio

    The face of our typographer
    Not so long ago, Habré was already talking about our new printing house (see ). Speech came before I managed to write this topic. Of course, we are very pleased that the forces, time and soul that we invested in this free product were useful to someone. Our first versions were written in 2007 for forum systems (you can read about them on our website in the printing section, you can even download it). In the end, we decided to position it as a separate independent product, and now I want to tell you a little about it.


    Web typographer is a tool whose purpose is the graphic design of printed text and its correction using the norms, rules and specifics of the Russian language. This helps to improve the perception of textual information on the site and the self-discipline of its owner. The presence of a web typographer draws a parallel between good and bad guys, gives reason for pride and inner harmony.


    Now it includes many smart rules, which from time to time improve and become more thoughtful. The typographer processes texts not only according to classical laws (inextricable spaces, correct quotation marks, hanging punctuation, etc.), but also according to the taken canons from the "Publisher and Author's Handbook" A. Milchin. Typographic enthusiasts should appreciate this.

    Version 2.0.0 is significantly different from the previous ones. It implements a different mechanism for typing text than we used before. In this regard, a new terminology was introduced. Toph (from "typographer") is an independent unit for typing text. We have developed six tofs:
    1. Dash - this includes all the work on the proper arrangement of hyphens and dashes;
    2. Number - a set of operations with and over numbers;
    3. Punctmark - work on punctuation marks: dots, commas, exclamation and question marks, etc.
    4. Quote - quotation mark;
    5. Space - correct placement of whitespace characters;
    6. Etc - everything that could not be placed in previous tofas ​​gets here (for example, converting (tm) to a trademark code).

    The idea of ​​dividing all operations and rules arose, firstly, when researching typography rules that we wrote earlier - they all perform operations on a fairly small group of objects. Secondly, the typing process itself is becoming more complicated, and the capabilities of the rule mechanism that we used earlier are not enough (earlier all the rules we represented were several files with regular expressions).

    It would be great

    We offer companies that use our tool in their products to write a letter to in order to create a list of reputable developers in a professional environment. Thus, we will try to set the right example for the design community and promote clear laws when creating the site. We look forward to your support.

    Download and read

    You can download the printer and read about its capabilities on the page .
    If I’m not mistaken (and I can be wrong) we are the first to write complete documentation for the printer for developers on its use (a trifle, but nice). We hope that she will help at work.

    Final version

    We have already received several letters with small jambs, some of which we ourselves noticed - all of them are insignificant. Soon it will be RC2, and then the final. If karma allows after this post, I will post here news about our products. Soon there will be a new product related to typography.

    And in general, we always go to a meeting and are ready to answer all questions by mail (it is not difficult to find it on the site).

    Update 09/27/13
    A third version of the printer is available .

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