Sync KDE4 Kontact and mobile

    I was always worried about the issue of synchronizing the contacts / calendar of the mobile phone and OS. But all did not reach the hands. I decided to address the issue. In fact, everything turns out to be very simple. Let me give you an example with Ubuntu 9.04 and a Nokia mobile phone.

    Install software

    In jaunty, the kdepim plugin for opensync was miraculously forgotten. Package for amd64
    sudo apt-get install opensync-plugin-syncml multisync-tools
    sudo dpkg -i *kdepim*.deb

    Configure msync

    Create a synchronization group between kdepim and the SyncML device.
    msynctool --addgroup n72-kde
    msynctool --addmember n72-kde kdepim-sync
    msynctool --addmember n72-kde syncml-obex-client

    Determine the MAC of the phone

    We are looking for a phone (do not forget to make sure that it is available for search):
    hcitool scan
    It will turn out something like:
    01: 23: 45: 67: 89: ab PhoneName

    Customize SyncML Plugin

    msynctool --configure n72-kde 2
    The editor will open. You need to fill out something like this:
    01: 23: 45: 67: 89: abeleven0PC Suite11210000ContactsCalendar

    As for bluetooth_channel, it can change for different phone models. Therefore, it is worth looking with sdptool and looking for the channel number for “Nokia SyncML Client” in the output.
    sdptool browse aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff


    If Kontact is running, close. If there is no pairing with the phone, it can be displayed via Kdebluetooth4. Sync: Done. Those who wish can dream up on the topic of how to automate this (cron, autostart, etc.).
    msynctool --sync n72-kde

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