New Relic - full monitoring of your RoR application

    I recently moved here to a new VDS for my sites on hosting. Very much done in rail. But now it's not about them.

    When registering, they suggested making an account in the application for monitoring RoR sites. They are called New Relic . I watched the presentation, and I must admit, it was very impressive. As a promotion, they give a weekly gold-account where you can use all the reports. This, my friends, is worth attention.

    Dashboard for light version
    New Relic RPM - Overview (color_mondays)

    Apdex score

    It is installed as a typical plug-in, reboot the server and the application starts collecting statistics. One of the good indicators of Apdex - shows the degree of satisfaction of visitors depending on the time of loading pages.

    Apdex is an industry standard and has predefined values, for example, waiting above 4 seconds disappoints visitors. By the way, you yourself can adjust the time by which the index in your configuration file will be measured.

    In dynamics, it looks like this. Light dips at 11-15 and 11-45.
    New Relic RPM - Apdex (color_mondays)

    The most brake controllers

    Apdex gives only a general picture of the stability of the application. Therefore, we must go down to the details. The first thing you can check is the processing time for the controllers.

    My most long-thinking controllers look like this:
    New Relic RPM - Apdex (color_mondays)

    There is a reason to delve into and optimize the code, reduce the number of queries to the database.

    The processing time is also clear. A lot of file import and other resource-consuming actions are eating a lot.
    New Relic RPM - Controllers (color_mondays)

    You can cut all the controller actions into pieces and analyze what causes the greatest delays there. Here for actions save_product, loading a picture slowly works for me. It is understandable. You will not optimize too much.
    New Relic RPM - Controllers (color_mondays)

    Application errors

    This is already aerobatics. Unfortunately, the function is not available in the free version (like most goodies). Scans application errors, groups them. No need to delve into long logs, find out exactly where the failure was. In general, a fairy tale. For commercial applications, in my opinion, a very popular thing.

    A slice of the life of the application. Below you can see all the errors and their number
    New Relic RPM - Errors (color_mondays) -1

    Powerful artillery

    The Gold version (which I managed to test) includes such analysis tools as evaluating database queries and working with ActiveRecord . New Relic scans all database queries. You can filter them, sort by type. Here are my toughest queries. The

    New Relic RPM - Controller Report (color_mondays) -1

    table with the sessions has become very difficult and saving and searching there is no longer a cake. And the session, what ape, one of the important parts of the application.

    Dashboards and reports

    General and most critical statistics are displayed on the main dashboard. It has its own API and you can easily embed this in your applications. The indicators themselves are configured according to the well-known principle of traffic lights (green - ok, yellow - warning, red - ass).

    That's how I set up my lights. Particular attention is paid to memory, it is still a bit.
    New Relic RPM - Managed Applications_ grossu-1

    Once a week a report is sent and in a calm atmosphere, having lit a pipe and covered with a blanket, you can see how the application worked, and how many people we left unsatisfied.

    [New Relic] Weekly Performance Report for grossu - - Gmail

    In the end

    In my opinion, one of the worthwhile things, sharpened for applications on different ruby ​​frameworks. Expensive, of course. But for commercial applications, it's worth it. And besides, there is a free light version;)

    Link to the main features of New Relic

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