Segalovich praises

    In mid-May, Nigma launched a new technology, Infopoisk, which extracts structured information from sites. Now they have introduced the ability to group such information.

    They say that the algorithm can work with any structured information. But so far, nigma is testing, so you can see it in work only by the example of a search in books. The system also learned how to automatically select literature for specific genres, names, etc. Judging by the comment of Yandex technical director, they are also going to do this. Or maybe they’re already doing it. Ilya Segalovich, Technical Director of Yandex:

    “I really like what Nigma has been doing lately. General-purpose search engines are clearly not working enough to extract structured data. It’s good that there are independent search teams showing how you can help search engine users in a new way. ”

    This is probably the next step in the development of search technologies. Not just a contextual search, but structuring and grouping the information found. I think it's worth following the development of this thing.

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