Asperatus or Sky of Hell in reality


    For the first time since 1953, meteorologists are talking about a new type of cloud. Not only is the event itself outstanding, these clouds also look ... In short, see for yourself.

    A few more photos of these clouds that are sent from all over the world can be found here .

    The first shots were taken in the UK and New Zealand. New clouds can resemble the surface of water, land, sometimes they take the form of a kind of "twisted horns." Oddly enough, despite all its ominous and frightening appearance, the clouds, contrary to the expectations of many, did not become harbingers of hurricanes or other natural disasters.

    “Judging by the color, the structures contain a lot of moisture,” said Professor Paul Hardaker, Executive Director of the British Royal Meteorological Society. “It takes a lot of energy and heat to form clouds of such an amazing shape.”

    Of course, there were also comrades who linked the appearance of strange formations in the sky with the end of the world, which supposedly should come in 2012. Entry in one of the blogs: “The interaction of spirits is always reflected in the sky. Including - and in the ordinary, visible to us, sky. When something new arises, it will necessarily be reflected in the (mass) consciousness. Including - and in the ordinary, visible to us, sky. It will look like an unusual sky. Recently discovered a new type of cloud, not known to meteorologists. A new variety since 1953. It is called Asperatus. Something new must come down from there. ”

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