Steve Jobs. The man who invented the iPod

    Stephen Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955, raised in California in a foster family. His adoptive mother worked for an accounting company, and his father was a mechanic. At the request of the biological mother, Stephen went to college.
    At age 12, Steven Jobs called the head of HP William Hewlett and asked him for the parts he needed to build some kind of device. After talking with the boy, William sent him everything he needed and invited him to work on vacation in his company. It was then that the fate of Jobs was decided - while working at Hewlett-Packard, he met Stephen Wozniak .

    Steve Wozniak (right) and Steve Jobs (left) at the dawn of Apple Computer

    After receiving a secondary education, Jobs was hired by Atari, a then very large computer game developer, and was able to save up money for a trip to India, which he had long dreamed of.

    Being 5 years older than Jobs, Wozniak by that time was already brilliantly versed in computers, and they founded Apple Computer Co. on April 1, 1976 with Stephen and Ronald Wayne, a draftsman from Atari .

    Apple I , Apple 's first computer

    The name of the company was coined by Jobs. Firstly, the guys wanted to choose a provocative name (at that time there was a record company with a similar name, those who were fond of the Beatles knew), and secondly, Steve just loved apples.

    The company's first computer was Apple I, which sold for $ 666.66. A total of 600 such machines were sold. But real success came with the advent of Apple II, designed for a wider range of users. Computers spread, bringing huge profits to the company. Apple began to grow and in 1980 became a joint stock company and conducted a successful initial public offering, as a result of which Steve Jobs became a millionaire in 25 years . The affairs of the company went uphill.

    1983, Jobs convinces John Scully to move from Pepsi-Cola to Apple. Then, as a result of the conflict between them, Steve Jobs himself was removed from project management and was forced to leave Apple.

    In 1986, he buys The Graphics Group from George Lucas, renames it Pixar . With him, the studio produces animated films "Toy Story", "Monster Corporation" and others. Jobs then sells to Disney Studios .

    For The Birds - perhaps the coolest Pixar short

    Only in 1997, Steve Jobs became the interim CEO of Apple and closed several unprofitable projects of the company, then the iMac saw the light of day. With the advent of the iMac, Apple's computer sales growth began to increase. In 2000, Jobs becomes a full-fledged executive director and enters the record book as a leader with the lowest salary of $ 1 (!!!) per year.

    Player iPod first generation

    In 2000, the first iPod appeared. A few years later, selling iPods became the company's main source of revenue. Under the leadership of Jobs, Apple has significantly strengthened its position in the personal computer market.

    Jobs and his famous brainchild

    Steve now continues to sell a huge number of poppies, phones and players, remaining one of the examples of conducting IT-business.

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