A good 22-inch monitor is now there. Even two

    NEC P221WIn early autumn, I wrote about my approach to choosing a high-quality, but not sky-high, expensive home monitor for working with photos and comfortable watching movies. For more than six months, I have been very pleased with the Dell 2408. There are practically no complaints, except, perhaps, for the inconvenient menu.

    Then I mentioned that, unfortunately, among the 22-inch models there are no options on * VA- or IPS-matrices. And 24 inches is no longer suitable for everyone in size. At that time, the only choice from non-TN matrices in Russia was Lenovo ThinkVision L220x - 22 inches with a resolution that was not standard for such a diagonal. But judging by the reviews, there was a lot of marriage among them - a noticeably blurry picture.

    The original article was left on a personal blog to avoid duplication.

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