Orange will still become an Israeli Internet provider

    The Israeli branch of the company Orange sent a letter yesterday to its customers with unusually entertaining news. The letter says that in the near future, in addition to mobile services, the company will begin to provide cable Internet and telephone lines. In addition, customers are asked to leave their data so that company representatives can call back and inform in person about the launch of this program.


    Thus, insider rumors, about which I wrote in an August article, were confirmed. As you see, there is not so much official information for ordinary customers, but some preliminary conclusions can already be made ... First, from now on, there will be one more provider in the Israeli market. We are talking of course about the Internet provider, the company "Orange" thus becomes an independent ISP. Secondly, in addition to providing Internet services, judging by the letter, a license for cable telephony was obtained. It seems to me that we are talking about VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, which has managed to gain popularity in Israel over the past year. Thirdly, it can be assumed that the company wants to combine its services in one package and will thereby save some of its customers. Almost certainly

    Let me remind you that according to the results of March, “Orange” holds 32% of the mobile services market in its hands and is one of the three leading mobile communication operators in Israel. Also, I would like to mention that it was the Israeli branch of the company that was the first in Europe to begin testing 3.5G technology (HSDPA), as a result of which the Israelis were able to surf the Internet at high speeds. I hope that the “orange” company will be able to offer us no less cardinal offers soon in terms of Internet services. In any case, I would very much like to believe in it.

    In any case, such a turn of events should slightly shake the Israeli Internet market and push companies providing Internet services to accelerate the pace of development and testing of previously announced technologies. After all, as you know, competition is the best engine of progress.

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