Red Alert 3 Epic Trailer


    Igrodel Electronic Arts continues to delight in the Command & Conquer series, as well as the breathtaking trailers of the new action. This time we are talking about Red Alert 3 .

    This is one of the most dynamic games of our time, although it may seem too simple for hardcore RTS's. Three factions: Russians, Allies and Japanese; almost like in a joke. The former are brute force, the latter are infantry, and the third are zerg. The game takes place in an alternative branch of history, in which the Soviet Union did not fall apart and fights in the third world war with America. It is especially worth noting that the game has a highly developed fleet.

    The release will take place tomorrow, October 30th, although a pre-order can be issued now. An evil spoiler is here , enjoy.

    Link to HD video .

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