Report from the exhibition Vendexpo - Krasnodar

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    Vendexpo - Krasnodar
    September 3 opened the first exhibition "Vendexpo" - Krasnodar. The vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Valery Kharlamov was present at the opening of the exhibition, as well as Moscow guests and organizers of the EMTG exhibition  

    Valery Kharlamov noted the fact that EMTG held an exhibition for the first time outside Moscow on the economic attractiveness of the Kuban. Today, the Krasnodar Territory in terms of economic growth and investment attractiveness is in 4th place in Russia - after Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, and undoubtedly leads in the Southern Federal District. The challenges facing Krasnodar 
    region in connection with the upcoming White Olympics, the regional administration hopes to solve including the help of the most progressive franchised business schemes presented at the opening exhibition Vendexpo - Krasnodar .

    Information resource KIOSKSOFT.RU
    offers to get acquainted with the most interesting stands of companies operating in the promising market of electronic terminals. Among the exhibitors in the direction of “self-service terminals and kiosks” were presented stands and samples of both Krasnodar, Moscow and St. Petersburg companies.

    Krasnodar manufacturer of cases for information and payment terminals LLC Impuls-Calibrator. The plant is a leading manufacturer in the south of Russia of payment terminals, information kiosks, photo terminals, vending machines and other equipment for payment automation systems. The company introduced the anti-vandal version of the PTI-07 payment and information terminal, which has sound and functions for printing information on paper. The IF-05 information terminal, which has small dimensions, stainless steel elements and an original design.

    Krasnodar manufacturer of cases for information and payment terminals LLC Impulse-Calibrator Vendexpo - Krasnodar

    Many companies, terminal manufacturers presented at their exhibition stands still not very developed photo kiosks and photo terminals.

    SKAT Company, which is the first manufacturer of vending equipment in the field of photo kiosks, info kiosks, docking kiosks in the Krasnodar Territory, presented its own development of photo terminals, 
    copy kiosks, information kiosks and combined terminals with various functions. Olga Shelmenkova , technical director of SKAT, was pleased to show the KIOSKSOFT.RU project the work of their own photos and copy terminals. 

    Automatic PHOTO-S.K.A.T. allows you to make photo printing of photos from various media, with the ability to edit images, the terminal is able to accept payment for various communication services, and the software allows you to remotely monitor the status of the photo machine.
    Machine PHOTO-SKAT "Vendexpo" - Krasnodar

    Automatic DOCO-S.K.A.T. allows you to make blueprint documents and perform laser printing of documents from various user media. Visitors to the exhibition enjoyed joining the
    document copying machines  , having independently tried to copy, for example, their own passport.

    Automatic DOCO-SKAT "Vendexpo" - Krasnodar

    Another interesting instance presented by SKAT is the Automat S.K.A.T.-FKK , which has incredible functionality. The SKAT-FKK terminal can print photos, photocopy, produce laser printing of documents, accept payment for services and even sell mobile content.

    Automatic machine SKAT-FKK "Vendexpo" - Krasnodar

    terminal for copying documents, printing photos - SKAT-FKK

    SKAT also presented information kiosk solutions, which are guests and assistants to the offices of large companies, exhibitions, banks, financial institutions and state authorities.

    SCAT information kiosk

    The Plat-Sistema company also presented at its exhibition stand various models of payment and photo terminals. The company PLAT-SYSTEM specializes in the development, installation and technical support of payment terminals (the " Universal" model was introducedone monitor and two-monitor), designed to receive payments from mobile and fixed-line operators, satellite and cable television operators, housing and communal services organizations and others, and also offers a promising direction for photo kiosks with payment terminal functions. The head of the new development department of the Plat-Sistema company Vladimir Dudin told the KIOSKSOFT.RU project about the expanding capabilities of the company's line of photo-payment terminals.

    Company "Plat-System" exhibition "Vendexpo" - Krasnodar

    photo kiosk "Plat-System"

    Universal payment terminal of the company "Plat-system"

    The company "Plat-System" provides not only the sale of terminals, but also provides technical support, regular software updates, and also provides advertising services on terminal cases and additional video displays.

    Company "Unicum"
    , Russia's largest manufacturer of terminals and vending machines, decided to bet on ticket kiosks for the upcoming Olympics in Sochi in 2014 at the Vendexpo Krasnodar exhibition . The company also showed a payment terminal with the software of the payment system. There was a

    Ticket kiosk "Unicum"

    payment terminal ""

    lively interest in visitors to the exhibition at ISTA-Technika . One of the activities of Ista-Technika is the production and sale of instant photo printing terminals. The Ista-Technika company has its own production base for photo kiosks, and also sells photo kiosks of foreign production.

    photo kiosk ISTA

    Company representatives demonstrated the capabilities of express printing photos from a mobile phone transferred to the photo kiosk using Bluetooth technology.

    printing photos in the ISTA photo kiosk

    But still, the exhibition Vendexpo - Krasnodar was dedicated to vending machines, there were much more representatives of this industry.


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