Adventure of the domainer on the Web :). Comparative analysis of Ukrainian domain registrars

    Wandering through the countless websites of companies offering domain registration and hosting services, it suddenly occurred to me to make a rating of the most worthy companies. I am sure that the Internet is full of the same undecided users, as I myself, to whom this article may open new horizons for evaluating the work of domestic hosting providers. I will not be particularly shy, the work has been done a lot: sending letters to registrars with a list of questions on behalf of an “ordinary user”, phoning these same registrars to clarify silly questions (with a view to supporting support), analyzing the results, and so on. I dare to remind that when compiling this rating, my goals included independent evaluation of the work of domain registration companies, and not a banal public relations. I have nothing to do with any of the companies

    So, I have selected 18 Ukrainian domain registrars, which are more or less in demand by consumers. Also, a general list of criteria has been compiled, according to which further analysis will be conducted.

    List of companies selected to participate in the ranking. - HostBizUA - TanHost - BestHosting - Imena - FreeHost HostPro - ImHoster - Redo - UaCom - TutHost - EthnoHosting - Hvosting - UkrHosting - Domen - Giga - Ukrainian hosting - Bestname - Adamant
    1.Quality and speed of email replies.

    I, who introduced myself as a private entrepreneur of one of the travel companies and “as if” not understanding anything in the intricacies of the domain industry, wanted to get clear answers to the questions posed. By my standards, a good registrar should give high-quality answers, especially if he is interested in a potential client. 6 out of 18 gave “chewed” answers in the shortest possible time (5-10 minutes after sending the letter), which satisfied me in every sense. The remaining answers came later (after 1-2 hours). Most registrars "escaped" my request with modestly-referenced answers, not spraying on words. Points in the basket earned; Imena; Redo; EthnoHosting; Adamant; TanHost; (the latter described the registration process step by step !!!)

    Particularly upset by Hvosting; Ukrainian hosting and UaCom (the last 2 generally ignored my requests and phone calls).

    2. The quality of telephone responses and loyalty (respect for a potential client).

    We are investigating further. Now we evaluate the quality of the answers of the report by phone, so to speak, oratory, which is not palpable in emails. In principle, most of the operators were quite sane. Lovely girls on the phone from Imena, HostPro and Redo chatted with me, unobtrusively mentioning that they were glad to cooperate with me, lured me into the ranks of customers! It was nice! Absolutely did not see the slightest interest in me, as in the client at FreeHost, as well as Hvosting. - raw and slurred support answers provoked outright indignation, which he immediately told them, which he was "shaved off" with friendly "hmm ... thanks for the call, all the best." I was even more upset, because my rudeness was transferred to me and it seems like I also turned out to be extreme. Imhoster - already the second day does not answer calls. Those. Does support ignore customers?

    3.Компетентность предоставляемой информации и гарантия качества (даётся ли она вообще данным регистратором?)

    Regarding the competence of the information, I can say that, in general, all operators were well versed in the information, except, of course, those who clearly ignored my attempts to "make friends" with this company (mentioned above). Perhaps when answering my “stupid” questions, there was a bias towards my “teapot-like” knowledge in the domain sphere, and therefore the operators did not load my brain with technical terms, but explained everything in simple human language, practically on the fingers. One of the questions from my list was the question regarding the guarantees of the quality work of my domains. Yes, I do not argue, the question is with the background. But, nevertheless, it perfectly characterizes the registrar. Unfortunately, 50% of registrars ignored the issue of guarantees or very slurredly unsubscribed. Judge for yourself if the guarantee can be considered “customers like” or “the domain will work 100%”, I’m unlikely to go to such a registrar. What provides a guarantee of quality service, 4 registrars answered, as many indicated the number of customers and terms of work in the domain industry market, and 1 registrar honestly admitted that he does not give any guarantees.

    4. The presence of a control panel for domain management.

    All 18 registrars unanimously stated that they provide a client control panel for domain management. But with small clarifications that reconstruction is currently underway and this panel will not work until mid-June. To the counter question: “... what operations can be performed using this panel?” Most registrars answered inaudibly, and one of them struck my mind with the masterpiece answer: “The panel allows you to do EVERYTHING!” ...

    5. Completeness of information on the site

    A site is a person; its information is a soul. A strange soul, as you know, is dark. Overall rating of sites 4 with a minus. On some sites, he simply got lost in the search for the necessary information. And on Giga I could not find contacts. UacCom, as mentioned above, cut itself off from the outside world and does not respond either to correspondence or to calls.

    6 Interest.

    One of the last criteria for evaluating the list of registrars was - interest in me, as a potential client. Along with the criterion, there was a slightly naive question “what would you advise”, which misled some registrars. 70% answered that it’s my personal business, that the advice here is inappropriate, thereby showing that they absolutely do not care what, how and where I am going to register. The remaining 30% advised .com (apparently sensing a benefit). In all likelihood, I would probably not register my business in this zone, but the very attention to my person personally caused a little confidence in these registrars.

    7. Rating table

    The table below is the final step in the overall assessment of registrars. Assessment took place on a 5-point system. The lowest score is 2, the highest is 5. 0 points means that the registrar did not provide information on the above criteria.

    The table at
    Rating differences.

    In principle, if we refer to the general assessment table, then the formal leaders are only a couple of points behind each other. I’ll try to explain what is the difference between them.

    1. TanHost - took an honorable first place. Such was assigned to him for his exceptional support work and quick response to inquiries. The registrar fully meets all the requirements of a modern hosting provider.

    2. Imena - Not inferior in quality to TanHost. The difference is only in some roughness of the information on the company's website, in my opinion. But all issues are easily resolved both via email and by telephone.

    3. Redo - Keeping up with Imena's. The same high-quality and prompt response of the seport to applications. All registration and maintenance rules comply with established standards.

    4. Adamant - Quality + Quality Assurance. The only detail is the control panel, which is currently under reconstruction and may create some discomfort for users.

    5. UkrHosting - The quality of the response by e-mail slightly differs from my concept of “good answer”. But despite this, when communicating with the support service, all issues were resolved.


    So, after a deep analysis of the activities of each registrar, the five leaders of independent evaluation have clearly formed. These are the best companies providing quality services and showing undisguised interest in their, both current and future customers.

    Good luck choosing a registrar!

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