Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe 2008 will be held in June

    The fourth international conference of developers and users of free Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe software will be held from June 26 to 29 at the Khimik camp site in the Grodno region. Reception of reports and applications for participation is open, sponsors are invited to cooperation. Details are on the website . The

    annual conference of developers and users of free software in Belarus invariably attracts the interest of specialists in this field from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and some EU countries.

    Last but not least, the popularity of Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe is ensured by its format - a professional exchange of experience is combined with a three-day informal communication in nature. The organizing committee, working on a volunteer basis, selects reports and forms the conference program, ensuring its high professional level. The range of topics presented at the conference is traditionally wide - from the story of new free technologies, software products and their implementation experience to the analysis of the legal and economic aspects of free licensing.

    Since the Khimik camp site, traditionally a conference venue, has a limited set of places to stay, the organizing committee is forced to select applications for participation. Priority when considering applications is given to conference speakers and active participants in free software projects.

    You can register as a participant or speaker on until June 10th. More detailed information about the conference is available at the same address: messages of the organizing committee, requirements for abstracts, information on the delivery and accommodation of participants, materials from past conferences.

    The organizing committee also invites sponsors to participate. The event is traditionally supported by IT companies interested in collaborating with qualified specialists in the field of free software, as well as companies interested in supporting free software as a socially significant phenomenon. Participation in LVEE-2008 gives them an exclusive opportunity to work directly with an audience consisting of the most active developers and users of free software.

    Currently, the well-known company Sam solutions in Belarus has already announced support for LVEE-2008.

    For any additional information, please contact To resolve sponsorship issues, please contact

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