Gnome 2.22 released

    A bunch of improvements. In my opinion, there is an order of magnitude more than in previous releases. Here are a few of which I particularly liked:
    • Evolution now supports Google Calendars and tags for letters
    • YouTube support in Totem (I haven’t even installed it before;))
    • Ability to create DVD from nautilus-cd-burner
    • Support for a local dictionary of local files (including Stardict!)
    • There was an application for working with the Cheese webcam (quite functional)
    • Now, when you insert removable media, Nautilus will offer you a panel with possible actions
    • Network tool now allows you to configure PPPoE and GPRS connections
    • Migrating from GnomeVFS to the new GVFS virtual system, which:
      • Provides Nautilus with new cdda: // and gphoto: // protocols
      • Remember usernames and passwords throughout the session
      • Provides a much simpler and more concise API

      The PolicyKit tool has appeared - a new security system compatible with KDE (and even with different distributions)
      Gnome IDE Anjuta is now part of Gnome

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