Disco smoke

    Core Animation is a new word in user interface metaphors. So, anyway, says Apple. MacOS X Leopard introduces a system called Core Animation . This is a flexible mechanism for creating animations and interactive operations in which running applications are involved. This is not just a tool for demonstrating animated scenes on the desktop, but a toolkit for creating new ways to interact with programs. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, there is also a webcam and microphone. These devices can be involved in the process of interacting with a computer, for example, by teaching applications to respond to facial expressions or gestures of a user, voice or characteristic sounds.

    A popular example of a custom interface approach is the stylish Disco disc burning utility.. While recording discs, Disco, like a smoke generator at a concert, begins to emit smoke. We look at the "screen":

    This is what the program’s official website says:

    Disco is emitting real time interactive smoke as you burn, we start redefining the boundaries. Want to push it out of the way? Blow into your microphone and the smoke will react accordingly. Or, go ahead and flick at it with your mouse

    i.e. the utility not only generates puffs of smoke, but also allows the user to influence them. The smoke can be dispersed with the mouse cursor or simply blown out by blowing into the microphone.

    In addition to smoke, Disco supports several more effects, including fire. "Smokes" can not only the program window, but also the application icon. Smoke-filled, it indicates the activity of the utility. Absolutely charming approach :)

    There is already a community dedicated to designing and creating applications based on Core Animation. With it, you can find other examples of "animated" programs. For instance:

    PS They say that Disco can only boast of smoke :) In terms of convenience and functionality, it has flaws, which, however, does not interfere with the orders to buy it :) :) Still, the fun factor is an attribute that is very alluring :)

    Based on materials: Wired

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