"… Hello again..."

    Background to the topic topic:

    1. Registered on "Habré".
    2. I read the “habraviks” and was delighted - it turns out you can add topics to “I'm smart” (I have zero karma for the newly registered karma, and there it is even possible with minus).
    3. It wasn’t here - when you click on the button, add a topic, forwarding to the same page of “hubs”. And so many times, until ...
    4. The kind man raised a little bit of karma.
    5. Hurray, I can add topics - I go to "I'm smart", I join the blog, click the "add topic" button and what I see:

    Dear habrachelove, you clicked on this link early.

    You can only write to this collective blog after joining it.

    Try to click on the magic button on its main page (to the right of the title) or write to another blog.
    In other words, “hello again” :). Welcome to Habrahabr.

    PS The first topic is through thorns to the stars, but it could have been simpler.

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