MoneyMail started accepting payments for Golden WiFi

    It was possible to pay for Golden WiFi services (Golden Telecom operator) through the MoneyMail payment system owned by the FINAM investment holding . To make a payment through this system, you need to select the provider's logo in the "Shops" ("Internet") section, indicate the bill number to be paid and the amount to be transferred. In addition, through MoneyMail you can pay for the services of Stream and Stream TV, Akado, Corbina Telecom, Zebra Telecom, etc. According to Manimail CEO Alexei Basov, accepting payments for Wi-Fi service can be a promising business area. He noted that now this market is small, but shows good growth rates, and by 2010 its capacity can reach $ 450-500 million.

    “It will be more convenient to pay for the corresponding services through electronic systems,” says Alexey Basov. - For example, from the very beginning of our work, we allow legal entities and individuals to make only fully protected and legal payments. I think that paying for Wi-Fi services will be a good driver for the growth of payment system revenues and will be in demand by our customers. ”

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