Ilon Musk brought his mini-submarine to Thailand to rescue teenagers, but authorities refused help

    Today it became known that the head of Tesla Inc and SpaceX (we don’t forget about The Boring Company) brought a mini-submarine to Thailand. About her on Habré already wrote - Mask offered to rescue with the help of this tool children from a flooded cave. Initially, it was said that it would be something like an elastic bag, but then the design was changed , making the case of metal.

    Unfortunately, the system created by the Mask team was not useful - the Thai authorities said that the mini-sub is good, but it can hardly be used in the current environment.

    As far as you can understand, Musk visited the cave number 3 and returned from there. Frames made inside the cave, he showed on Twitter. By the way, the decision on the use of mini submarines was taken by the head of the headquarters of the operation to save children Naronsak Osatanakorn.

    On the preparation of a rescue submarine Musk wrote a few days ago. Then he posted a photo of what his team did. The submarine was assembled from elements of parts of the corps of the Falcon 9 rocket. Its dimensions are small, so that a teenager or a small adult can fit inside.

    Representatives of the Boring Co, Tesla and SpaceX teams took part in the creation of the submarine.

    According to representatives of the rescue headquarters and outside experts, quite a lot of people are already working on the site, so there will not be too much sense from another team. At the same time there are a number of limitations in the technologies that can be used in the cave. “It doesn’t matter how much equipment or money you invest in this rescue operation, we may have reached a technological ceiling in this situation,” said one of the representatives of the rescue team.

    The point is that the situation in the cave is extremely difficult, and the tunnels through which people have to walk are narrow, some of them more closely resemble cave siphons. Whatever it was, at the moment there are four guys under the ground and their coach.

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