Longer low-cost 3D photo-polymer printer appears on Kickstarter

    I could not pass by an interesting project to raise funds for the production of a Longer photopolymer 3D printer on the Kickstarter site.

    The model is called Orange 30. This photopolymer 3D printer (SLA UV) is a simple and reliable desktop model that is available to everyone. The big plus of the Orange 30 is that it does not require serious skills for basic printing. The manufacturer Longer has several teaching the basics of 3D-printing videos. The printer is not very noisy, there are no open moving or heated parts, and is practically safe for use at home or in the office.

    Longer Project: Reliable & Most Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer on Kickstarter
    Longer3d.com Official Store

    The Longer Orange 30 photopolymer printer is a “tower” measuring 20 x 20 x 39 cm, the base is massive, metal, with a light-protective cap on top. By the way, the cap is needed not so much to protect the user as to protect the photopolymer from spurious illumination from the outside. Under the cap there is a tray for photopolymer and a Z-axis drive, which lifts the printing table gradually upwards as the model is created. At the base there is a control board with a touch screen, a UV matrix for illuminating the photopolymer, as well as a 2K display (LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels). The size of the bath is 120 x 68 mm, the maximum working stroke along the Z axis is 170 mm. This is more than the popular budget Sparkmaker SLA 3D printer.


    Brand: Longer
    Model: Orange 30
    Type: Photopolymer 3D printer (SLA UV 3D printer)
    Printing area size: 120 x 68 x 170 mm
    Printing layer thickness: 0.02 ... 0.1 mm
    Printing speed: 30 mm / h (with a layer of 0.1 mm).
    Availability of display: yes, touch, 2.8 "
    Illumination type: 405 nm UV LED matrix
    Consumable type: 405 nm photopolymer resin (UV Resin)

    If you decide to become a baker, keep in mind that at the moment a rate of $ 229 is available (Orange 30 printer + photopolymer bottle.) Delivery cost in the Russian Federation is $ 110. They promise to start sending out samples in August 2019.

    This is one of the budget options. You can wait and take this printer on sale. But the price may rise (on the Kickstarter, the crossed out price is $ 450). May not rise. OEM clones of previous Longer models are sold freely in Chinese stores (FDM printers from $ 150 and above, SLA from $ 250).

    The design is simple but effective: the MGN12 rail is installed along a single Z axis. Not curved shafts, but a normal (Chinese) rail. A metal tray is used for the photopolymer. Yes, it is simple, on tacks, stamped, but it is not plastic. The table for forming the model is also metal. The printer developers have provided a table alignment mechanism. To do this, there is a corresponding operation in the printer menu.

    A bold plus of this model is the presence of a touch screen with printer management, printing and preview models. I have never seen the built-in file viewer anywhere. In my opinion, this is a killer feature in a budget model.

    Why do we need a photopolymer printer - for printing accurate models (copies) with high detail (20 ... 50 microns). Such printers are used in dentistry, jewelry, modeling, etc. There are special photopolymers, for example, castable, which allows you to cast on 3D models.

    Longer3D and before that flashed, as a manufacturer of OEM models, which then appear under other brands, for example Alfawise.

    In the catalog there is an interesting model Longer Orange 120 - this is a modified Sparkmaker, with a display and a metal bath. Comrades from Longer redesigned the budget printer and fixed the main jambs.

    Pay attention to the model Longer Orange 10. This is the “youngest” model of Orange 30. It has a similar design, but has a smaller print area of ​​only 98 x 55 x 140 mm, and also has a “child” resolution of the matrix (854 x 480 pixels). The price of such a printer is slightly less than $ 300 in retail. The manufacturer has videos on setting up and using the Orange 10 model, and on the site you can find drivers, slicers, firmware and instructions.

    I like that little-known startups are developing and bringing projects to mind. Moreover, Longer has other interesting models. It is not for nothing that other manufacturers buy OEM licenses from Longer and produce the same devices under their own brands. Even with delivery, this printer costs half the price of the popular Wanhao Duplicator 7 and Anycubic Photon. You can, of course, get additional savings by buying two sets at once ($ 550 + shipping $ 195). In fact, these are two photopolymer printers with a 2K matrix at the price of one Anycubic Photon.

    In any case, I will follow the project, as it is interesting.

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