Seven troubling signs that you are weather dependent, even if you don’t think so

    Bitch is back (Sir Elton John)

    Friends, as I promised, I’m coming back with another story about our participation in the next round of modernization of the Roshydromet weather network. You can read about the first part of our adventures here . Well, now - the long-awaited sequel.

    In short, the specialists of LANIT delivered and installed 28 automated weather complexes (AMK), 73 automatic weather stations (AMS), 3 automated actinometric complexes (AAK). Retrofitting with an expanded set of sensors 100 AMK.

    The stunts were performed by stuntmen, not a single AMC was injured

    Automated Actinometric Complex (AAK)

    Enhanced sensors (visibility, solar radiation, duration of sunshine and snow height)

    Weight precipitation sensor

    More than 300 power supply kits were supplied and installed, including using solar panels and wind generators of various capacities, more than 130 communication kits, including Iridium modems and VSAT terminals.

    But the details I will disclose in the style of entertainment Internet resources, in accordance with the title of the article. We found in ourselves all of the following signs that we are weather dependent. Familiarize yourself with them and carefully look at yourself, at your colleagues, relatives and friends - suddenly someone is also exposed to this.

    An alarming sign 1. You are not afraid of the territorial dispersion and inaccessibility of work objects

    The total number of work places is more than 420. Here they are clearly presented.

    Separately, it is worth staying in Yakutia. The terrain is not easy, most of the objects are accessible only on winter roads.

    Yakutia. Winter. Pole of cold. Here are the words of our eyewitness, Evgeny Shipulin, who ditched a lot of time to organize these works:

    “The difficulty was not only in the fact that hard-to-reach stations (Yarolin, Toy Khaya, Jalinda, etc.) were located a thousand kilometers from the city of Yakutsk and any roads, but also that you can get to these stations only in winter period along frozen rivers (this is a winter road - approx. ed.). Two all-wheel drive trucks, which insured each other in case something bombed, immediately drove to remote objects. For example, cars made their way to the Yarolin station for 16 days, and not at all due to the fact that do not know where it is (try to search there yourself). And because of the strong snowstorm and in places of zero visibility. The work had to be carried out at extreme subzero temperatures, for example, in the Oymyakon district at Vostochnaya and Delyankir stations, the temperature reached -55 degrees. ”

    The memorable Yarolin The

    second interesting point is the Northern Sea Route. A considerable number of observation points are available only with the help of this glorious ship.

    It was even filmed in the movie "Icebreaker". The ship performed there under the pseudonym "Thunders."

    Misha, thank you for bringing everything and not splashing it!

    Alarm 2. You are immersed in the world of renewable energy.

    Now we know all about it. As I mentioned earlier, the project included the installation of autonomous power supply kits, including at remote stations.

    Here's what happened. There are 8 panels of 200 W each:

    Or here:

    And even like that. Max power - 2 kW.

    Alarm sign 3. You drop everything and start production of your own measuring systems

    We have been looking at this story for a long time and still decided to make a kit that completely automates observations of soil temperature.

    The logo came out as it should. True, they were afraid of complaints about him due to sleep disturbances and nervous breakdowns from observers (people there are mostly elderly), but somehow it worked out. Apparently, automation gives its results, and as a result, they do not fit into complexes at all.

    The main difficulty is to properly bubble deep thermometers. There are 7 of them, and the depths are 20, 40, 80, 120, 160, 240 and 320 cm. Here is a proof of what pits for this business sometimes have to be digged (and not a hobbit in the photo):

    It is important not only to bury them, but to ensure the possibility of painless extraction (and, most importantly, return to their original place) for periodic verification. Therefore, it was necessary to make pipes inside the pipes, and inside the first pipes - to pull the cable from the sensors. Something like this:

    Drawing element for clarity:

    By the way, we notice a new alarming trend - hands itch to develop their own wind sensor.

    Warning sign 4. You go through all the circles of metrological hell

    Those who read the “metrological”, and not the “meteorological” from the first try, receive a “credit” automatically.

    When the first project started (2008), the level of our awareness of the world of measuring instruments was not dramatically high. We will use the familiar picture for clarity:

    And then followed the path of Gandhi with minor deviations.

    1. At first you do not notice all the nuances of state regulation in this area - the rest of the world, except for the CIS countries, does not know about the concept of verification.
    2. Then you laugh at them - we sincerely did not understand why to check metal rulers.
    3. Then you fight with them - endlessly test the measuring instruments, then make corrections to existing descriptions like SI, verification methods, forms, labels and, if they are amiss, nameplates.

    4. ??????
    5. PROFIT! You ... win because you are involved, you know the whole process, how to draw and coordinate local calibration schemes, you know the state standards and orders of Rosstandart and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Because you are already pleased to work with key testing centers and institutes, and testing centers do not stand aside and reciprocate.

    An example for metrologists, try to find the main snacks here .

    By the way, this year we plan to expand the verification interval to 2 years.

    The main masterpiece is here. But there will be a story about this in a couple of years, when (exactly when, and not if) the hydrological network modernization project will be completed.

    An alarming sign 5. Without controlling yourself, you begin the production of reference complexes

    Having gone the way from the previous paragraph and having experienced all the inevitable pain of calibration of measuring instruments, you strive to make life easier for the services of measuring instruments and take on the project for the production and delivery of mobile calibration laboratories.

    During the project, the vehicles were re-equipped in mobile laboratories, metrological tests of portable calibration kits (working standards) were carried out according to the following measurements: absolute pressure, temperature, humidity, speed and direction of air flow, length). Vehicles, instruments and auxiliary equipment were delivered to 11 Roshydromet organizations. Yes, and software for witnesses is also not forgotten.

    Our unconscious whispers to us “help Mantoux” to begin production of other standards, the standards for visibility sensors (namely, nephelometers) look especially tempting.

    Alert 6. You reach the bottom

    Years later, we broke through such a locality :

    So, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Warning sign 7. Have you thought about creating and accrediting your own metrological service



    And now we will calculate the results:

    If you find more than four signs at home - come to us. After all, hydrometeorology is actually so beautiful and exciting.

    We already love you and are waiting for you.

    Max waits a little separately, I had to use mad skillz

    As a bonus for those who especially distinguished themselves: your photo a la Mr. Stark can be posted on the site of a major system integrator in all seriousness =)

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