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    Friends, we invite you to our mailto: CLOUD conference on the Russian cloud market on April 25 at our Moscow office. Business and IT will meet here to discuss current issues and share experiences.

    Today, many high-performance technologies use the clouds. At mailto: CLOUD, we will discuss current trends, successful experience of companies and difficulties encountered in the implementation of new technologies. And in the discussion sections, Russian and Western providers will share their vision of the development of the cloud market.

    Conference program

    9:00 - Registration

    10:00 - Opening of the conference and introductory speech
    Pavel Gontarev, head of the B2B branch of Group

    10:15 - Discussion “Hyperscalers on a Russian scale, or Who sets trends?”

    Let's talk about hyperscalera companies not only in relation to to the big three - Amazon, Microsoft and Google - but also to the largest players, in particular, the Chinese market - such as Huawei Cloud, which recently entered Russia. Who sets the trends on the Russian market now, whether new hyperscalers from local players can appear and how global leaders see their presence in Russia will be discussed in the discussion.

    The participants:

    • Dmitry Marchenko, Director of Marketing and Operations at Microsoft in Russia
    • Maxim Osorin, Head of SAP Cloud Platform at SAP CIS
    • Vladimir Bobylev, Director of Oracle Technology Consulting

    10:55 - “How and why Bitrix24 chose Multi-Cloud before it became mainstream”
    Alexander Demidov, Director of Bitrix24 Cloud Services

    For global projects focused on working with clients around the world, presence in key markets is extremely important . Firstly, it is necessary to reduce network delays and be closer to consumers: for customers in Europe use European data centers, for the USA - American, etc. Secondly, presence in local markets is necessary in terms of compliance with local laws . For example, 152-ФЗ “About personal data” in Russia, GDPR in Europe, CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in the USA.

    Moreover, even the world's largest IaaS providers cannot build the necessary infrastructure around the world, at least in the short term.

    Using the example of Bitrix24, we will describe how we migrated data to Russia from AWS to comply with local laws, as well as how we provide redundancy and fault tolerance, working with several cloud providers even in one region.

    11:20 - “How MegaFon expands its business through a microservice platform”
    Alexander Deulin, head of the MegaFon business systems research and development center

    The speaker will talk about his experience in developing a digital project with a four-tier architecture and microservice ecosystem. You will learn on what technological stack MegaFon built its own development of microservices and how they help his business.

    11:45 - Discussion "From monoliths to microservices"

    Microservices is one of the hottest topics of recent times in IT. And the time has come to discuss how productive the transition to microservice architecture has turned out for the largest client companies - who can share successful cases of getting rid of monoliths, and for whom such a transition does not justify itself at least in the near future.

    The participants:

    • Sergey Sergeev, Director of Information Technology, M.Video-Eldorado Group
    • Alexander Deulin, Head of MegaFon's Business Systems Research and Development Center
    • Yuri Shekhovtsov, Director of Information Technology, Norilsk Nickel
    • Dmitry Lazarenko, Head of PaaS-direction Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions

    12:35 - Lunch

    13:15 - Session “IT as a driver of growth. Technologies at the service of business ”

    Business always looks towards technologies that will accelerate the launch of new products on the market and optimize existing processes. In this session of speeches, we will find out which technologies, including cloud ones, are seen as the most promising, what they can implement and with what effect for the business, as well as what kind of advice speakers can give to other companies.

    We will look at different ways of implementation and different industries: both the digitalization of the “old industries” and the born-digital companies and their specifics, which will give the most complete cut of the experience of Russian business.

    The participants:

    • Maxim Tsvetkov, Head of Information Technology at Burger King
    • Alexander Sokolovsky, Technical Director, Leroy Merlin
    • Alexander Pyatigorsky, Director of Digital Bank Otkritie Department
    • Schneider electric

    14:30 - Discussion “Where is the Russian cloud market moving?”


    • Anton Zakharchenko, Director of Cloud Provider Strategy #CloudMTS
    • Alexander Sorokoumov, CEO of SberCloud
    • Oleg Lyubimov, CEO of Selectel
    • Ilya Letunov, Head of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions Platform
    • Vidia Zheleznov, Director for Strategy and Marketing Communications, Rostelecom - Data Center
    • Oleg Koverznev, Business Development Director, Yandex.Clouds

    15:10 - “When data is too big: Data Platform aaS as a global trend”
    Dmitry Lazarenko, head of PaaS-direction Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions

    Big data and artificial intelligence are no longer a luxury, but a reality in which you have to live. If earlier all services were launched in the Mobile First paradigm, now AI First.

    Based on these business needs, the infrastructure for quickly processing big data is changing, turning into an entire ecosystem of related services that can significantly reduce Time to Market.

    Using the examples of the largest companies, we will show why the maximum results from using Data Platforms are obtained when used in the cloud, and also talk about global trends in this direction.

    16:00 -Coffee break

    16:20 - Discussion “Trend on SaaS: What will remain of IaaS by 2021?”

    The share of SaaS in the cloud market is growing, and this raises the logical question: if all high-tech solutions become available within SaaS - what will remain infrastructure as a service, is this segment of the market not expected to stagnate? And also, who will be the consumer of IaaS in a few years and which way will IaaS change?

    The participants:

    • Dmitry Martynov, Acronis vice president of product management
    • Timur Biyachuev, Head of Threat Management, Kaspersky Lab
    • Anton Salov, Director of MerliONCloud

    16:45 - Closing remarks

    17:00 - Networking

    Attention: registration by reference is required . We review all applications and respond within a few days.

    Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p. 79.

    The mailto: CLOUD conference is done for you by Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions - with love for you and the clouds. Follow the announcements of technology events in our Telegram channel .

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