Browser extension for

    Hello, dear Khabrovites.

    Like many here, I often use the Toaster and sometimes there are a lot of missing features that could facilitate or speed up the process of interacting with this site.
    Therefore, it was decided to make a browser extension that would fill this gap.

    As a result, such a project was born - Toster Extension .

    What extension can read is better here than listing the entire list of features.

    It looks like this now mine
    settings page

    The extension is currently only available for Google Chrome and Firefox .

    The project is written in TypeScript, a settings page using Vue.js.

    LocalStorage is used as a temporary repository of questions. Yes, I know, it’s nekosher and it would be better to use the same IndexedDB, but for now, like that.

    Immediate plans:

    1. Auto-update questions feed
    2. Question page with automatic updating of answers and comments
    3. Raise the backend so that you can store indexed questions there, blacklists, different marks (for example dislikes), etc.

    A little later I will talk about the nuances of using Vue.js in the browser extension, as well as the difference between Firefox and Chrome in an unexpected place for me.

    Waiting for suggestions in Issues and constructive criticism in the comments. Thank you all for taking some time.

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