The Ministry of Internal Affairs has bought PCs for 180 million rubles - all the money went to foreign manufacturers

    Recently it became known that the main center for communication and information protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs buys about 3.5 thousand monoblocks worth 180 million rubles. At the same time, PCs contain foreign components and foreign software, as reported by Cnews.

    Specific manufacturers of devices in the terms of reference for the purchase are not indicated. However, judging by the prescribed characteristics of the required equipment, there are clearly no domestic processors and other systems in the supplies. The processor frequency is indicated as “not less than 3100 MHz”, which means that none of the domestic processors is suitable.

    For example, even in the latest development of domestic enterprises, Elbrus-8SV, the claimed frequency is 1500 MHz .

    The operating system is Microsoft Windows Pro 64. Thus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not plan to use domestic OS. Law enforcement officials refused from their Russian counterparts, arguing their point of view with "the need to ensure the interaction of the specified software with the software used by the customer."

    There is really a provision in the legislation that state organizations may not use products of domestic developers if foreign software without domestic analogues is required for work.

    Nevertheless, some software products of domestic developers are still mentioned. So, in the catalog of the required software Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus, VipNet Client, Cryptopro, as well as the Microsoft Office suite, the Cronos Pro ISBMS, the Ministry of Internal Affairs information system (ISOD), Adobe and 1C products are listed.

    As mentioned above, the total purchase price will be about 180 million rubles, or more precisely - 183.4 million. It turns out that the cost of one device is about 52.4 thousand rubles. Device - a computer with external power supplies with a capacity of at least 120 watts. Processors with at least four cores and a corresponding number of threads must be installed in the PC. The processor cache is indicated as 6 MB or higher.

    RAM - DDR4 with a capacity of at least 8 GB (frequency of at least 2666 MHz). The statement of work also states the following: Maximum memory: at least 32 GB; information storage devices: not less than 500 GB, SATA - III ”. Screens with a diagonal of at least 23.8 inches and a resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels should also be supplied with system units.

    It is worth noting that at the end of January, a request for monoblocks was published by the Russian Guard (more precisely, FSUE Okhrana). And in this application, equipment characteristics were also indicated that make it impossible to participate in the procurement of domestic manufacturers of computers and their components. So, the manufacturing process of the process specified in the application should have been at least 15 nm. Domestic manufacturers have not yet mastered this process.

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