[Habr]: About the "glass ceiling"

    And today, friends, as the name implies, we’ll talk about some of the trends in which we are to blame ... ourselves.

    How expensive the community finds the fact that here and now on our beloved portal it creates a “glass ceiling” according to many trends in modern engineering and, in fact, slows down its development at the level that the “inexperienced novice user” has just overcome the border , for all and all, none other than the community itself?

    By itself. And just for yourself.

    And, which is quite obvious, all this is created mainly by teenage-emotional behavior patterns - without regard to the general development trends of the portal / community / professional areas.

    That statements above did not seem unfounded - a small example.

    Please look at the sith user account .

    If you go to the section of his publications, you will see that he is a very active author, generating articles that are incredibly strongly commented on and, accordingly, provoking active public discussion, coverage of additional topics and the general cheerfulness of communication.

    That is - exactly what is required for the healthy development of the community and the portal. And also what brings income. Money to the holders of the portal.

    After all, you don’t forget that everything around us is not just like that, but you need to support / develop / pay salaries for employees / provide computing power and storage, etc.?

    Personally, I often disagree with the opinion of the interlocutor - but this is precisely his opinion, which encourages an interesting discussion and introduces, among other things, the “blanket motley” necessary for the normal evolution of the system ( here you can write a lot more, mention Voltaire / Evelynn Hall, etc., etc. - but laziness :).

    That is, we have a most curious situation, when everything at once, it seems, is always for everything good and against everything bad - with an ardent heart attached to it, a burning eyes, an inquiring mind and this ...

    But then, dear community, please explain to me how it turns out that in some weighty-active part you behave as an extremely touchy and notorious individual, joyfully shoot yourself in the leg, carve the sea - and cut it off yourself first of all What about a vector of development and evolution of a healthy person? ;)

    PS Perhaps you ask, what does a career have to do with it?

    And everything is very simple: career depends not least on relationships between people. And here is this: productive interaction, regardless of personal emotions - this should be regularly studied, studied, studied.

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