HP 3D Printer Overview on IMTS 2018

    HP presented at the IMTS 2018 exhibition in Chicago several unique solutions: HP Metal Jet - an installation for mass production of industrial-quality metal products, Jet Fusion 500/300 color SLS printers, and a SHS- Jet Fusion 4200 industrial installation .


    HP Metal Jet


    • Printing area - 430x320x200 mm
    • Layer thickness - from 50 microns
    • Material - AISI 316 steel
    • Price - on request

    According to company representatives, HP Metal Jet provides a performance gain of up to 50 times and has a lower cost of the products obtained, compared with analogues working on other technologies.

    HP Metal Jet is twice as large in print lines and four times the number of nozzles, compared with competing solutions.

    Volkswagen will be one of the first users of HP Metal Jet - the automaker plans to make parts from stainless steel.

    High precision and low cost prints can turn HP Metal Jet into a major competitor for a range of technologies, from SLM to injection molding.

    Sales of Metal Jet will begin in 2019. The cost will not exceed 400 thousand dollars. The price tag for competing solutions starts from $ 1 million.

    HP Jet Fusion 4200


    • Область печати — до 380х284х380 мм.
    • Толщина слоя — от 80 микрон.
    • Материал — полиамид 11 и 12
    • Цена — по запросу

    In addition to Metal Jet, in the exhibition pavilion of the Hewlett-Packard company there were presented machines from the Jet Fusion line - an industrial SHS installation Jet Fusion 4200 and a color SLS printer of the 500/300 series.

    The SHS technology (selective heat sintering - “selective thermal sintering”) is similar to SLS. The main difference is that a thermal print head is used instead of a laser. According to Hewlett-Packard, the print speed of Jet Fusion 4200 is 10 times faster than competing SLS solutions.

    Speed, ease of use and relatively low cost - from 200 thousand dollars, allow you to use Jet Fusion 4200 as a replacement for plastics molding machines. Material for printing - polyamides "nylon 11" and "nylon 12".

    HP Jet Fusion 500/300


    • Printing area - up to 332x190x248 mm
    • Layer thickness - from 80 microns
    • Material - polyamide 11 and 12
    • Price - on request

    HP Jet Fusion 500/300 SLS Printers are designed for plain and full color polyamide printing. The price of devices - from 50 thousand dollars - this makes them affordable for small and medium businesses.

    The Jet Fusion 500 and Jet Fusion 300 models feature the “world's first integrated and automated material delivery system,” as the manufacturer called it, which simplifies the 3D printing process, reduces user intervention, and improves overall efficiency. Devices support basic file formats such as OBJ, VRML and 3MF.

    All post-processing and preparation of the powder for reuse does not require additional modules - these processes occur inside the installation.

    Sales of HP Jet Fusion 500/300 series 3D printers in Russia will begin in 2019. Having made a pre-order in the Top 3D Shop, you can get the actual prices and an offer to purchase these models at the moment of the start of sales.


    HP continues to develop the market for professional 3D printing technology, applying its own new developments in its products. The presented models - HP Metal Jet , Jet Fusion 500/300 and Jet Fusion 4200 - promise the user not only the quality that is traditional for this manufacturer, but also the lower cost of prints, which is equally important.

    Choosing a printer for business? Write to us at sales@top3dshop.ru and we will select the best machine for your requirements and capabilities.

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