Review bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi: when a Windows tablet turns into a full laptop

    In 2008-2009 Dozens of so-called netbooks have appeared on the market - miniature laptops with first-generation Intel® Atom ™ processors. For three to four years they were in very noticeable demand, but then "netbookomania" came to naught. Why is that? The iPad was popularized, and then other tablets, as a result of which it turned out that very, very many users do not need a keyboard. For entertainment and Internet surfing, just a big screen, which tablets just have. In general, netbooks in a classic form went to the dustbin of history, and they were replaced by transformer tablets. That is, models that can be used both as tablets and as laptops - when connecting a complete keyboard. Such devices are more versatile and netbooks, and conventional tablets. Today we have just a transformer on our review:

    The peculiarity of our hero is as follows. With 10-inch transformers on Windows, removable keyboards almost always come, but they are usually made in the form of a cover or a docking station that does not allow you to turn the tablet into a full-fledged laptop with the possibility of folding. Meanwhile, bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is equipped with just a keyboard with the ability to adjust the angle of the screen and the ability to fold - like a full-fledged laptop. Only A-brands like Acer and ASUS have analogs, and these same analogues cost from 25 thousand rubles. Meanwhile, bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is being paid for 15,490 rubles - by the standards of Windows tablets this is a budget solution.


    Screen: 10.1 inches, 1280 x 800 pixels, IPS, capacitive
    Processor: Intel® Atom ™ Z3735F, 4 cores, 64 bits, 1.83 GHz
    RAM / ROM: 2 GB / 32 GB
    Memory cards : MicroSD
    Front: 2 , 0 MP
    Main camera: 5.0 MP
    Wi-Fi: +
    Bluetooth: +
    OTG: +
    Battery: 7 000 mAh
    Operating system: Windows 10     
    Dimensions: without keyboard: 256 x 175 x 11 mm / 602 g, with keyboard: 260 x 181 x 23 mm / 1185 g
    Price: 15,490 rubles

    Scope of delivery and keyboard

    bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi comes in a blue box with white fonts. Neat calm packaging, which is rare for bb-mobile. Often this brand offers its tablets in very bright, “flashy” boxes - just remember, for example, the bb-mobile Techno Molotoff model.

    A tablet, a keyboard, a cloth for cleaning the screen, an OTG adapter, a stylus, a charger with a cylindrical plug, a USB cable, a manual and a warranty card are found in the box.

    Of course, the keyboard deserves special attention. It has a rigid hinge, is equipped with reliable latches with a latch and can be easily disconnected if necessary. The keyboards of tablets from other manufacturers are built into the case, connecting to the tablet via Bluetooth, mounted on magnetic fasteners or not attached in any way by connecting with a cable. All of these methods have obvious disadvantages. The bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi keyboard allows you to work with the tablet as if you were a laptop, even without a desk, without worrying about unnecessary wires, without worrying that it suddenly comes loose and falls. And if you close it, then the screen also reliably protects when carrying the device. In general, bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is a true full-fledged transformer: the device can act both as a tablet and laptop (and not as a “tablet with a keyboard”, like analogues).

    As for the convenience of the keyboard, we will say it is typical. About the same netbooks. There is no backlight, but the key travel is clear, the touchpad is quite convenient and supports multi-touch. You can only find fault with the size of the Enter button, which is quite small.

    Case and construction

    The case of bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is made of plastic like soft-touch, that is, as it were, with a rubber coating. Build quality is encouraging, as they say - I’ve already twisted and bent the device, and so on, but I couldn’t hear any squeaks. On the front panel of the device are a 2 megapixel webcam, an LED and a touch key with the Windows logo. Clicking on the latter leads to the opening of the Start menu, which is typical for tablets on the operating system from Microsoft.

    On the left side of the bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi enclosure are all the main ports and connectors: MicroSD card slot (hidden under a plastic cover), MicroUSB, HDMI, USB port, charger port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, microphone. It is worth recalling that the OTG-cord, which allows you to add another USB port, is included in the package of delivery of the device. Moreover, another connector of this type is located on the keyboard - as many as three pieces.

    The power and volume keys are on the top of the case. They are quite comfortable, finding them blindly is no problem.

    At the back there was a place for a camera, bb-mobile logo and a pair of speakers. The latter are loud just enough to provide a comfortable movie viewing together for one tablet.


    bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which is the standard for low-cost Windows tablets. You can’t say much about this screen: the picture is quite bright, the viewing angles are wide, the resolutions are quite enough for comfortable work in the Windows 10 environment, under which our hero functions.

    It is worth recalling that the bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi comes with a stylus for capacitive screens. However, it is unlikely that absolutely everyone without exception will need it: Windows 10 is well-sharpened under the control of your fingers, especially in tablet mode.


    The bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi front camera has a resolution of 2 megapixels, the main one is 5. This is a very good configuration: most often in such devices cheaper (and therefore lower quality) modules of 0.3 and 2 megapixels are used respectively. In general, against the background of "classmates" bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi shows very good pictures.

    Examples of images from the main camera:

    Hardware platform

    Like the vast majority of modern low-mid-range Windows tablets, the bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is based on the Intel® Atom ™ Z3735F processor with four x86 cores that can accelerate to 1.83 GHz. This, and in the "bundle" with 2 GB of RAM, is enough to solve office problems. You can also watch HD-video, work in Photoshop and play games 3-4 years old (for example, Quake 4) on a tablet without problems, and it is short-sighted to demand more from a portable compact device. By the way, developers should be praised for 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory: there are 10.1-inch Windows tablets in the “1 + 16 GB” configuration on the market. This is clearly not enough for a full-fledged work with the adult operating system from Microsoft.

    The Intel® Atom ™ Z3735F stands out for its enviable cost-effectiveness and cold temper. Thanks to the use of a 22-nanometer process technology, he does not need coolers, rather passive cooling. Therefore, bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi works absolutely silently. And for a long time: you can watch HD video on it for 10 hours (with an average screen brightness and the wireless modules turned off), and in the “Internet + Word” mode the device can work for about 8 hours. The battery capacity is 7,000 mAh.

    By the way, about wireless modules. The device has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n. There were no complaints about the operation of both adapters during testing.

    operating system

    Windows 10 reviews are written visibly invisibly, so we will not repeat. Just give a few screenshots and recall that this time Microsoft was able to make a really fast and convenient operating system - including for use on tablets.


    bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi made a very good impression - mainly due to the design of the complete keyboard. It, as mentioned above, allows you to turn the tablet into a truly full-fledged laptop - with the ability to adjust the screen tilt and the ability to fold. Yes, there are slightly cheaper (1 000 rubles or so) solutions of this type on sale, but they are equipped with keyboards of the “docking station” type (without the ability to adjust the angle and folding) or soft keyboard covers that also do not allow turn a tablet into a laptop. Meanwhile, bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi - allows. This is his trump card. Other trump cards, however, also have: 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, a good camera with 5 megapixels. The only thing missing is a 3G modem, but you have to understand that with him it would cost 2-3 thousand rubles more. And bb-mobile Techno W10.1 Wi-Fi is offered for 15,490 - an adequate price for such a transformer.

    Intel Inside, Core, and Intel Atom are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

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