Fundraising for an unusual scanner that can quickly cope even with books

    Promo from the campaign

    Chinese startup CzurTek raises money for its unusual scanner project . The Czur scanner (read “cesar”, like the English transcription of the word “caesar”) photographs scanned pages from a distance, and is primarily intended for scanning ordinary paper books. Its software automatically removes paper irregularities, “evens out” the curled pages of an opened book, and recognizes text using ABBYY technologies.

    To make it more convenient for the user to keep the book, scanning can be adjusted by pressing the foot pedal (the pedal is purchased separately). Scanning takes no more than a second, so the average volume of a book, theoretically, can be processed in 10 minutes.

    In addition, the scanner can work as a projector. The most profitable of the proposals that have not yet ended is $ 189 for one copy of the scanner (or $ 199 for a scanner with a pedal), excluding shipping costs. The developers promise that retail after the official release of Czur will cost $ 400. There are just over two weeks left until the end of the campaign.

    Real-use video

    Chinese inventors set out to help people digitize our cultural heritage. Everyone who has ever tried to scan a book on an ordinary flat office scanner knows that the result is deplorable. Without damage, the book cannot be fully expanded, the pages are bent to the spine, and so on.

    Special scanners for books used by libraries for digitization are very expensive. And the Czur scanner, as conceived by the developers, can also be used as an ordinary scanner for documents on separate sheets.

    Czur also does not require installing drivers, as it connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and works with a cloud service. Ready-made scans can be viewed both on a desktop computer and on mobile devices.

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