And again about blocking Telegram. Deploy your own VPN

    The fact that the Telegram messenger is blocked on the territory of Russia, is now not said and written only by the lazy. The total number of messenger users in the Russian Federation, according to Pavel Durov, is approximately 15 million, which is a rather big figure. If Telegram is made inaccessible, then all these people (that is, you and I) will be unhappy. Actually, they are already unhappy.

    But the problem can be solved. For example, it is possible to use a browser plugin with a built-in VPN. Well, if you want something more interesting, then you can try to raise your own VPN server.

    Do it fast

    One way was introduced last year . To do this, you need a set of Algo VPN scripts that allows you to configure your own VPN server in a few minutes on any of the cloud services. One of the famous is DigitalOcean.

    In order to start work on creating your own server, you need to register in the same Digital Ocean (or some other service) and start launching the configuration server. Registration and configuration of the server itself are carried out sequentially, in several steps:

    1. We create an account on the hosting provider DigitalOcean. The script in question also supports Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure.
    2. Download the scripts to the local PC.
    3. Install dependencies with the command line. To do this, open the terminal and start working with the pythoon interpreter, which is used to deploy Algo.

    By the way, the interpreter should be the second version. To get started, you need to follow these steps:

    For macOS:

    $ python -m ensurepip --user
    	$ python -m pip install --user --upgrade virtualenv

    For Linux (deb-based):

    $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install \
    	build-essential \
    	libssl-dev \
    	libffi-dev \
    	python-dev \
    	python-pip \
    	python-setuptools \

    4. Install Algo dependencies for our own OS. Here we simply execute a command of the following form:

    $ python -m virtualenv env && source env/bin/activate && python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

    5. We specify the users we want to create, for which we need to open config.cfg and specify the users in the users list.

    6. In the Algo directory, run ./Algo and follow the instructions. There are some additional features here that you can read the description in the file on Github.

    If you need more detailed instructions, then you can find it here at this address .

    If there is no desire to tinker with all this, there is an even simpler method consisting of three stages:

    • Register on DigitalOcean;
    • We follow this link and log in using DigitalOcean;
    • We enjoy the work of the script, which collects the droplet from the VPN, and after installation provides the necessary settings.

    Generally speaking, now Roskomnadzor is blocking everything and everyone, so it’s hard to understand which VPN will work in the near future and what will not. But without bypassing the lock, you can hardly live in peace if the messenger, which everyone is used to using, suddenly stops working.

    Among other methods, you can also use browser extensions. The work of one of them, Ninja , was recently reported on Habrahabr. This extension has everything you need to overcome blocking, including the ability to work on the SOCK S5 protocol.

    Telegram has been added to the extension functionality recently, but everything works, it is checked. The developers promise to improve and improve the "ninja". If there are suggestions, criticism, wishes, then you can contact the developers in the channeliNinja in the same Telegram (by the way, does it continue to work for you?).

    We are all people, and the heads of Roskomnadzor are also

    Despite the fact that Roskomnadzor forces everyone to block Telegram, its representatives easily use the blocked and banned messenger. Example - I.O. Minakov Vladislav Alekseevich, head of the ILV monitoring department (at the time of writing, I was in Telegram about two hours ago) .

    The official does not just bypass the lock, but sets up a proxy server, which is strictly forbidden to ordinary mortals. Moreover, Roskomnadzor promised a procession in respect of proxy servers and VPNs. But senior officials of the department believe that everything is fine.

    Be that as it may, in the same China, Telegram has been blocked for a long time. But the Chinese bypass the restrictions without any problems. Moreover, without any VPN messenger continues to work, although only in text mode - the pictures do not load. Previously, all this was perceived as savagery, but now it is a given, the realities of today. It is a pity that you have to see all this and work with it.

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