What to expect from Tesla in 2019: Model Y, Model S / X update, and more

Original author: Fred Lambert
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Last year was a good growth for Tesla, during which the company focused on increasing the production of Model 3.

Tesla will continue to grow beyond any doubt in 2019, but we can also expect that the company will be able to surprise a little.

Here's what to expect in 2019:

Tesla Model 3

Once again, the 2018th is the year for the Model 3, but Tesla will sell them even more in the 2019th.

The first half of the year was difficult to produce Model 3, but the current year Tesla starts with a stable high performance. By the end of the year, production is expected to increase to 10 thousand cars a week.

Moreover, Tesla is going to expand Model 3 markets in 2019 and plans to sell it in Europe and Asia.

As for the US, Tesla can increase the demand for the basic version of the Model 3 with a standard battery for $ 35,000. Production of this model is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

I suppose that in 2019 Tesla will sell 380 thousand units of Model 3.

Tesla Model Y

In 2019, the presentation of the new crossover from the Tesla Model Y is expected, as well as the previous models, it can also be reserved.

Executive Director Ilon Mask said that the possible date of the presentation of the car will be March 15, 2019, but it has not yet been officially confirmed.

This will be the first presentation since the last one, which took place in November 2017, on which Semi and Roadster were shown. Many fans are looking forward to this event.

As usual, there were a lot of rumors around the new car that it would start production in mid-2020 on Gigafactory 1 , but all new details about the production should be disclosed at the presentation.
At the same time, I’m not sure that Tesla is still planning a presentation for March, but this is better than it is today.

Tesla pickup

There are more questions to this vehicle than to the previous one. Executive Director Ilon Mask spoke very simply that the Tesla Pickup truck will be in the company's priority after the Model Y, but this does not mean that we will see something in 2019.
Mask said recently that Tesla might have presented a prototype pickup truck in 2019.

I still hope that it will be shown during the Model Y presentation, but these are just guesses.
I make a personal bet that I will see a presentation in March with a chance of more than 60%, even if it does not come out earlier than 2021. I believe that it is very important for Tesla to enable people to reserve this vehicle. This will enable the company to understand the needs of the market.

Tesla Model S and Model X

This year will also be important for the Model S and Model X. Both cars have long needed to be updated, even though Max says that it does not need to be done.

Indeed, Tesla constantly makes changes to cars, but does not designate in any way any versions as other manufacturers do. Still, there were updates that could easily be called "restyling."

Personally, I believe that the new updates should occur in the current year, because they are already delayed.

We had exclusive footage of Tesla Model S and Model X interior upgrades, which are expected around July 2019.

This will be a significant update of the internal design, which unifies the entire line of cars Tesla.

I don’t think that this year significant changes will be made to the exterior design, perhaps Tesla will improve the technical characteristics of its cars.

I suppose that we can see a new line of cars with batteries for 110 kWh, maybe even up to 125 kWh, but the latter option is highly questionable.

More battery power is possible due to the transition to new 2170 format batteries.
In any case, I believe that the result of the work will be the ability to charge faster and with more power at the Supercharger V3 charging stations.

With the new interior upgrades and specifications, Model S and Model X will increase their demand in the second half of the year.

Tesla semi

Few expect from this tractor in the current year, despite the fact that Tesla is planning its production this year.

Even if Tesla starts producing an electric tractor in 2019, we can expect extremely small lots.

What will really be interesting in 2019 is to find out the characteristics of the final version of the vehicle that Elon Musk has been talking about since his presentation.

Tesla autopilot

The last few Autopilot updates have been extremely impressive, and this trend will continue in 2019.

I would not be surprised if the “Autopilot Navigation” function during this year will lead to some third level autonomous driving on the motorways.

I also expect that in the first half, Tesla will release a new “iron” for autopilot version 3.0., But its distribution will be difficult because it will have to be introduced into production and also replaced with current cars.

I would not expect the autopilot to achieve full autonomy with the new “iron” by the end of the year, as Musk claims.

I am confident that over the course of a year we will see significant progress in software development. But I am extremely surprised if Tesla releases the full version of the autopilot, which will be better than all sorts of autonomous systems that work in closed areas, something like Waymo in Phoenix.

Tesla supercharger

Fast charging stations Supercharger version 3.0. were supposed to appear as early as 2018, but plans shifted to the beginning of 2019. It is expected that the new version of the charging station will be able to charge at a power of more than 200 kW, while the current maximum power is limited to 120 kW.

I suppose that they will appear in the first half of 2019, and this will also contribute to the acceleration of the installation of new stations.

Recently, Tesla is talking about a significant increase in charging stations in the city itself and that they practically cover all of North America and Europe .

Historically, the automaker has always failed to keep up with the plans for installing Supercharger charging stations, but the current year must be productive for launching the Supercharger V3.

Tesla Energy

Tesla pointed out that the past was a year of great growth in their business of stationary batteries, and we have no reason to doubt.

Yes, for those who are still waiting for the Powerwall battery, it is difficult to understand, but it was a significant increase in production, especially for projects for commercial and utility organizations.

As previously reported ( link to the translation of this article), Tesla is preparing a new product Megapack. For the first time we should see him in 2019. Then we need to learn new details, and how it is suitable for huge stationary batteries.

In short, in 2019 an increase in the installation of large batteries from the Tesla Energy division is expected. The company should also start installing Powerwall 2 wall-mounted batteries, which already have a considerable amount of pre-orders.

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