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There are many free tutorials and courses on YouTube .


I run freeCodeCamp, a YouTube channel without ads . We have complete video courses and tutorials on many popular programming languages ​​and frameworks (including JavaScript , Python , Java , Ruby , C , C ++ , Angular, and more ).

There are other YouTube channels with free programming lessons that are just as good and sometimes even better than paid ones.

In this article, I list ten YouTube channels that can be watched in order to pump in programming. The location of the channels is random.

Sometimes it is useful to look at the same topic with different teachers, so you can sort out the issue further.

There are many great channels for which I did not have enough space on this list. Share your findings in the comments.

Coding train

Writing high-quality lessons to life without editing is very difficult and requires a special level of skill. That's what Daniel Shiffman from the Coding Train is doing. He teaches complex topics in a fun way that is easy for beginners to understand. As soon as you see the introductory video of the channel, you will understand why you need to subscribe immediately.

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Traversy media

Brad Traversi's passion for excellence is truly reflected in his video. His no-nonsense style is friendly and practical. It seems he understands exactly what self-taught programmers need to know. Its channel presents tutorials on a wide range of frameworks and languages ​​related to web development.

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Derek banas

Derek Banas is not just a programmer, but a generalist. He has professional-level lessons in almost all popular (and some less popular) programming languages. He currently has more followers than anyone else on this list, and this is completely deserved. His channel is the first thing you need to see if you want to learn a programming language.

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Will Stern of brought nearly 20 years of web development experience to his lessons. He has a terrific full course that covers everything you need to know to become a web developer.

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Dev Tips / FunFunFunction

Dev Tips has existed for some time, but recently passed into the hands of David and MPJ. MPJ also leads the channel Fun Fun Function. Both channels are very useful, but Dev Tips has more lessons than FunFunFunction. DevTips is a great channel if you need lessons on javascript frameworks.

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LevelUpTuts has more instructional videos than most other programming channels. This is a great channel to learn best web development practices. The focus is on interface frameworks. LevelUpTuts' Scott Tolinski also runs one of the best web development podcasts, Syntax.

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The net ninja

When Sean from The Net Ninja says that he will help you get a black belt on development skills, he is not joking. These are high-quality lessons that cover the development of full stack. And everyone loves a British accent, right?

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This is a channel for advanced Python tutorials. Although explanations on the channel can be understood even by a novice, the channel covers more complex topics not covered by other channels. There are great lessons on machine learning, and even shows how to program a car with a self-management function on GTA5.

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Siraj raval

The Siraj Raval Channel is perhaps the most interesting on this list. I think it’s safe to say that Siraj is the only programmer on YouTube who regularly shows freestyle rap on his videos. Its channel is also one of the best places to study artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. Siraj is great at creating high-level technical videos that are also fun and exciting.

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CS Dojo

CS Dojo is one of the fastest growing programming channels on YouTube. The reason is obvious: CS Dojo has consistently high-quality lessons. The channel focuses on Python, data structures and algorithms.

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