ICQ is dead. Long live ICQ?

    The article will not be a lot of information. I'll be brief.

    The other day with ICQ UIN 70105 (yes, I am very old, I saw how the stars were lit and extinguished, how empires were born and turned into dust - and I sometimes use ICQ) flew in:
    C December 28, we cease to support the old version of ICQ and other unofficial clients. To continue communication, you need to update ICQ here: icq.com Also, you can use the web version of web.icq.com.

    In the new version of ICQ you can:

    - edit and delete sent messages
    - quote and forward messages to another chat
    - send stickers
    - record voice messages
    - search through chat history and view sent media in the gallery
    - create group chats
    - call with voice and video

    News is expected in principle, following the old version of the MRA, support for the old version of the ICQ protocol is discontinued.

    The new ICQ protocol has practically nothing to do with the old one, although the source code lies on GitHub , but few people are interested because of its low popularity - even with video calls, cloud history and synchronization.

    And after the split in the team Miranda - and even more so. I do not think that someone will write plugins from scratch. Yes, it’s possible to exchange messages, most likely with the exception of stickers. But against the backdrop of competitors in the form of Viber / Whatsapp / Skype / Telegram and others - this is not even funny.

    Yes, official clients can be used.(there are versions for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS) and even a web client. Time will tell how popular this will be compared to competitors (and their solid user base).

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