DsPlus - project evaluation before the ICO

    Recently I asked myself: “How many people can tolerate scams and bubbles?” It turned out that for a long time. A very long time. It is difficult to counter this and decided to share with the community: the first reaction has already taken place.

    Today I decided to turn to the White side and look towards the project, which has already been lit up a bit on Habré - DsPlus . Evaluation criteria, I think, everyone remembers: Team, concept, coin, code. Let’s not leave it.


    Here, everything is quite simple:

    1. There is a site - dsplus.io : it is not difficult to confirm identities on social networks. Moreover - I often find common friends during the checks (the market is painfully narrow ICO, although this does not give it better).
    2. Michael, the CEO of the project, can find a Diploma from the IIDF. Noteworthy thing. But maybe it's a fake? Indeed, the FI (O) of a person is interesting: Mikhail Mikhailov. What is not Ivan Ivanov? But simple cross-reference checks prove that this is not so: just for fun, I’ll note that they have another person in the team whose name and surname are the same, but about him later.
    3. The guys respond to the chat pretty quickly (tested slack), except, perhaps, the period 23.00 - 02.00 Moscow time. I wrote several times, on the whole I would give a rating of 8 out of 10 by this criterion. In the appendix there are also answers to comments, but, firstly, not all; secondly, not all deployed.
    4. Of the oddities, these are social networks: it’s clear that the project is not intended for the Russian Federation (however, they told me in a private chat that it is also developing “for Asia and the near abroad”), but using LinkedIn and not using vk is a strange choice considering that so far the main customers and partners of the company are in Russia. In addition, some guys from the team do not have a normal social history. Of course, as I wrote earlier: there is a frontman - it’s already good. But for others you can always find something interesting, at least cross-referenced: after all, we all studied, worked, developed, created somewhere ...
    5. Partners can be found on dsplus.pro. At first glance, they hurt the eyes such as: Magnet, M. Video, Megaphone and the like. But in reality, DsPlus don't lie here: they really charge their pluses for the fact that the client checks in at the place where such organizations are located. Also, I did not quite understand what role Microsoftshop plays in their system, I hope they will answer here. In general, the desire is simple: more transparency so that the average user does not need to look for who and why the partner. For example, here’s a review from the AppStore: “No one has heard of bonuses in KFC, accrual is made by geolocation next to points of so-called partners who are not aware that they are partners!”, It’s clear that a person wrote a review without understanding the system’s work, but, as I see it, you need to respond to such a negative first of all. Again, from the comments of the team it follows that: “Check out at partner companies in which“ 250 PC ”is written in the circle next to the name (you can open the Supermarkets section and see there), and for companies where 00% CashBack is written in the circle, you can get cashback by clicking on the link in the application and purchasing goods. The same applies to Microsoftshop - various gadgets and accessories are sold there: they are also our partners). ”
    6. Sergey Sergienko (known for the Chronobank project, SONM) acts as an advisor to the team. In the blockchain community, Sergey has a reputation and there are plenty of confirmations that he is associated with the team.
    7. Now I also see (by alerts) that the news background on the team has grown significantly: it is understandable - preICO passed, by the way, successfully, as the guys planned 200,000, and collected a quarter more. This is significant, but not the main one.
    8. The company is also searched on the cards and in the register. By the way, in jur. one can also find another site - couponsclub.org , which was registered according to the portal itself in 2016, and according to who.is - 2016: there’s nothing, but a story. A plus. In addition, this completely fights the fact stated on one site: “DSPlus is a unique mobile application designed for lead generation and customer retention, existing for more than 1 year and successfully operating in the Russian Federation.”
    9. What is not clear: why is the group vk.com/dsplusirk closed? But the less informative Instagram is open. The question, by the way, is open.
    On the last point, I received a response from the team in this form: you wrote about VK that it wasn’t normal (it is closed). It really is. The DSPlus group Irkutsk and other cities are closed, as the joint all-Russian group vk.com/dsplusfork was created . We promote it)

    Code (technology):

    1. I did not get access to my personal account - this is still a minus, but I'm not strong, I must say, and tried. The application itself installed - it is fully functional. Moreover - two of my testers also tested - it works. True, the iOS test is yet to come, but the installation showed that there is contact. And yes, the team’s comment again pleased (in a good way): “Previously, access was granted only to partner companies to track user actions at their points of sale. After the ICO, it is planned to open access to the personal account to PCT token holders + wallet integration. For a simple user, the personal account is open in the mobile application, there is also access to their wallet. ”
    2. On the site as a whole, everything is smooth, but there are flaws: say, the link to Golos and Bitcoin is the same. But the little things are always devil. Otherwise, it’s very watchable: I wouldn’t have done my site like that :), but the DsPlus team could.
    3. From the fact that I did NOT like it: I need to look for the code on the Gita, but I do not like to do this, because the principle is simple: “either openly and simply find, or not.” However, WP covers the veil of secrecy github.com/dsplus/PlusCoin , but nevertheless it is better to make more links to such things. The second thing that caught my eye is that preICO is not fully automated. Not so much minus as inconvenience.
    4. The undoubted advantage of the technology is usability: in general, everything is available for ordinary citizens who do not even know that they are doing something with crypto-coins. In this sense, the team fulfills the promise: “PlusCoin cryptocurrency popularization for people who have no idea and understanding about the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain”. The paradox, however, is that the content of the internal blog blog.pluscoin.io can not be called full-fledged, and even more so - readable. I think this is something to work on. In addition, there are no materials for the English-speaking environment.
    5. A detailed analysis of the technology, I think, will be done already in pdf analysis.


    1. White paper in two languages. The main sections are.
    2. What needs to be clarified in the first place is this paragraph: “Products that are competitors to DS PLUS in the traditional market segment will be involved in a single partner network and will become one of the most important components of the infrastructure developed by DS PLUS. The main objective of the project is the implementation of PlusCoin in real commodity-money circulation, which will ensure a steady growth in the exchange rate, as well as increase the number of consumers involved in the cryptoeconomics, as well as from the business. ” Turning competitors into partners is commendable, but I would like to understand the exact mechanism that answers the question: “how?”.
    3. There is a roadmap: no rainbow targets have been noted. The items are not very well written, but substantively.
    4. The economy is mainly deflationary: “in the future, First PlusCoin Token will not be generated, all unclaimed tokens during the ICO will be destroyed.”
    5. The main risk, in my opinion, is the experience of cashback services earlier: almost none of them survived. Including - in the world. Of course, there are solutions in this niche, but nevertheless, it requires careful study of the economy, which I would like to see in a nearby blockchain of implementation technology: for example, monthly reports, like Golos's, open and accessible.

    Coin: according to the matrix that was previously presented, this coin has a place to be and therefore this factor can be regarded as positive for the overall reputation of the project.

    Thus, I summarize on the main aspects, first - negative:

    1. Partners are indicated initially as all - equal (relative to the service) to each other. Meanwhile, some of them are a beautiful marketing move when they are credited using a geo tag. This is stated, but you need to search the Web. It is unlikely that ordinary users will do this. It seems to me that this moment needs to be worked out.
    2. The team is not all white on biographies, but nevertheless relationships are easily sought. I think that some minimal things can be added. Video interviews provide a lot, but not all.
    3. Technically, you need to refine the blog, go over the thin spots of the site.
    4. Find a model explaining the economy before the ICO.
    5. Go through the reviews in the application and answer everything.

    From the positive:

    1. The team is trying hard to show its potential and its “reality”, and to develop a technology that is close to me - it is commendable.
    2. There is a product, it works. Judging by the settings and the stated figures - the overall indicators are beating, if not 100%, then almost. However, sometimes you have to look for data for comparison - here you need to work (say, through a blog).
    3. The history of development can be confirmed from independent sources, which always gives a plus.
    4. Legal entity found. Address verified.
    5. And most importantly - the information background after preICO has not decreased much.

    In general, there is where to work. While the assessment is neutral : it will go to plus or minus - we'll see. To all readers who hone their skills in the field of analysis of ICO projects, I draw attention to the fact that just in the case of DsPlus it is very clear that one factor (the declared equality of partners) does not serve as a final verdict , especially as it becomes clearer with a more thorough analysis. Yes, it is time consuming, but if you want to invest your money, it is justified.

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