Conference for iOS developers Kolesa Mobile 3.0. Video report

    November 17 in the office “Wheels | Roof | Market "passed a special event for iOS-developers, a little more ambitious than traditional mitapy.

    In the role of invited speakers, the meeting was attended by representatives of Avito companies, Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan, Mint Apps Production and DAR Ecosystem.

    Kolesa Mobile is taking place this year for the third time with one change - we divided the iOS and Android directions so that participants get the most out of the meeting.

    Under the cut, we share photos, presentations, and videos of iOS speakers Kolesa Mobile.

    "Backend Driven UI: we build the interface from components"

    Timur Tabynbayev, Kolesa Team

    Almost any screen can be represented as a set of components. But what if you build a system in which work on features comes down to creating a component and writing logic for it? We will discuss how and why we built such a system, what we understood from this and what we are going to do with further.

    Avito Mobile: State of the Union

    Egor Tolstoy, Avito

    Size does matter. This is also true for the Avito application, which is being developed by several dozens of independent cross-functional teams, each of which has several iOS developers. Over the past couple of years, we have faced various problems of scale, some of which turned out to be successfully solved. In the report, I will share techniques and tips that allow us to keep the quality of the product at a high level and consistently release every two weeks, at the same time providing maximum freedom for developers in choosing the architecture and the way to solve their problems.

    "Security of IOS-applications"

    Daulet Tusupbekov, DAR Ecosystem

    Daulet considers in his report vulnerabilities of iOS applications, and also gives recommendations on how to protect against them.


    Vyacheslav Sovetkin, Kolesa Team

    One Repository to rule them,
    One Repository to find them,
    One Repository to bring them all ...
    ... or why we combined all our repositories into one.

    "Layout and autolayout"

    Amirzhan Idryshev, Kolesa Team Layout

    in iOS is the most complex development process. AutoLayout - unpredictable black box. Constraints are not effective and slow down the application. How often do we come across such statements? In my report, I will try to prove that these statements are fundamentally wrong. We will study the algorithms for calculating the constraints, after which it will be possible to draw conclusions on how to typeset the screens and use autolayout correctly.

    "The destruction of the" Monolith ", or How we switched to a multimodular architecture"

    Oleg Leizer, Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan

    How we moved to a multi-module architecture, what difficulties we faced, how we developed a design system and at the end switched to development and testing through the playground.

    "Improving the quality of mobile applications"

    Ksenia Apachidi, Kolesa Team

    How good are your applications and what can you do to improve their quality? What steps are needed, what can happen if testing is not introduced into the development process. Consider the features of testing mobile applications and discuss the results of its implementation.

    "There are things much higher"

    Artem Shubin, Mint Apps Production

    Using MVVM and ReactiveCocoa for peaceful purposes or a module for dynamic forms as a tool for automating the production of mobile applications.

    We often hold events for technical specialists, so if you have a report on an interesting topic (mobile / web development) and you are ready to speak at the next meeting, write to

    Thanks to everyone who came to kolesa mobile and watched the video. Photos on our Facebook page and on Yandex Disk . Playlist mitap - on the YouTube channel.

    See you again!

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