Transferring Portfolios from Brainstorage to Freelansim

    We welcome everyone who is looking for work or orders with the help of our specialized habr services!

    After closing Brainstorage and merging it with “My Circle”, the issue with the portfolio on BS remained unresolved. We temporarily retained access to it and left the opportunity to work with it. And they also promised to resolve the issue over time, what will we do with it. And now this hour has come!

    So, we inform that on September 15 we completely close the Brainstorage service , and access to the portfolio will be closed. We ask everyone who has ever used this service to either keep important work for you, or import them to our other Freelansim service , where now all portfolios will be placed.

    About how to transfer everything correctly, we will tell in this publication.

    1. For those who have previously imported their work

    We removed the import restriction when it was possible to transfer no more than 9 works. Now you can import all your work. We ask you to pay attention to this and transfer, if possible, everything else.

    2. What kind of work you need to save to yourself, not import

    We do not plan to support the following types of work: "Publications", "Habrahabr", GitHub. So if there are any in your portfolio, then keep them to yourself.

    3. How to import a portfolio from Brainstorage to Freelansim

    1. To import your work from Brainstorage, you must have an account with Freelansim. If you do not have such an account yet, then create it , it will take a minute.

    2. Log in to two services at once - Brainstorage and Freelansim.

    3. Go to the main page of your profile on Freelansim, find the “Portfolio” block and click the “Add Jobs” button, or the gear icon if you already had any work imported. On the popup that opens, click the "Import" (or "Upload") button.

    4. A popup will open with all your work on Brainstorage. Select the ones you want to import to Freelansim and click the “Import” button.

    5. Voila! All works of your choice are imported to Freelansim.

    4. What will happen with the portfolio on Freelansim next

    On September 15, we will close the possibility of importing a portfolio from Brainstorage to Freelansim and launch at the last our own portfolio tools.

    We will also disable the ability to import works from any other external services. And let’s leave only one type of work, which was called “Project” on Brainstorage. For such work, the addition of at least one picture is a prerequisite.

    Portfolio work will be sorted according to the rubricator accepted at Freelansim. The interface for viewing a single work will be approximately the same as it was on Brainstorage. Comments and likes of the works will not be transferred, and also until they are completely disabled, maybe we will return them later.

    5. A Few Words About Freelansim Freelancer Services

    Works from your portfolio can also be attached to their services freelancers . Now the service can provide links to work located on Brainstorage. From the moment a new portfolio is launched, it will be possible to attach works by selecting them directly from the portfolio on Freelansim. We will independently convert all current links in services to attached works from your portfolio.

    Thank you for being with us, we wish you great orders and great performers! Team,
    September 1, 2016

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