3 basics of mobile advertising


This article presents the basics of working with mobile advertising that you need to know before launching an advertising campaign.

No. 1. The language of mobile advertising
If you were interested in mobile advertising, you probably came across a number of obscure terms that introduced you into a stupor. What is DSP, SSP, RTB, ad space, publisher, advertiser, ad network, etc.?
Some of them may already be familiar to you from desktop advertising. The following are the terms of a procurement programmer.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) is an automated purchasing system. Advertiser Platform:
  • Allows advertisers to bid on ad space using data to influence purchases
  • Also known as “buyer side optimizer” or “buyer side platform”
  • Digital standard for centralized and aggregated media procurement from multiple sources
  • Includes RTB (real-time auction) capabilities

Real-time bidding (RTB) - real-time bidding:
  • The method used in the procurement and sales of advertising inventory, which is carried out “live” at a particular point in time
  • A way to auction data, such as demographic or behavioral data, instantly

Ad exchange - advertising exchange:
  • Sales channel for buying and selling online media advertising space
  • Prices are determined using the bid method of several ad networks
  • Technological way, replacing historical pricing through negotiation of advertising space

Ad Network :
  • Organizations that provide resources for sales
  • They sift through their inventory from different sources.
  • Offer the possibility of buying advertising inventory to media buyers, for example, advertisers
  • Provides added value for both sides, such as unique targeting, creative and optimization opportunities

Supply Side Platform (SSP) - technology platforms for web publishers, through which ad networks can sell their inventory (inventory).
  • Allows publishers to (exclusively) sell ad space to advertisers at competitive prices
  • Also known as “seller side optimizer”, “advertising space generator” or “profit optimizer”
  • The buyers of advertising space through SSP are usually DSP or ad networks

Conclusion # 1: Determine where you are in this ecosystem.

No. 2. What mobile platforms and ad formats are available on the market
The next thing you need to identify is potential mobile platforms and mobile ad formats. There are 2 types of mobile platforms with which you can work.

Mobile Internet
Mobile (adaptive) sites are pages created for viewing on mobile devices, which can be smartphones or tablets. More consumers can be reached using mobile devices. Moreover, Rich Media content has become very popular, with which you can achieve better results, offering users a more interesting experience.

In-app advertising
Advertising in applications is advertising that can be seen inside the application, and not in the Internet. Advertising in applications works in other advertising formats that allow you to interact with the consumer at a higher level. This is what advertising on sites cannot give.

Conclusion No. 2: Determine which provider is more convenient for you to achieve the goals of your business, choose advertising formats that best suit your goals.

No. 3. How payment models work
There are several payment methods for mobile advertising campaigns. Below are a few of them.

PPC / CPC: Pay
Per Click / Cost Per Click The advertiser pays the publisher when an ad is clicked.

CPI / Cost Per Impression: CPM
The advertiser pays for each ad impression.

CPI / Cost Per Install: Cost per installation
Advertiser pays when the application is installed

CPA / Cost Per Action: Cost per action
Advertiser pays for a special action

CPM: Cost Per Mille: Price per thousand
Advertiser pays publisher per thousand ad views.

Conclusion number 3: Determine the model of suitable procurement for you. Understand what systems are, learn to understand them.

Summarizing the conclusions, it is important to say that the most basic things that you need to do before launching an advertising campaign are to understand what your role in the ecosystem is, learn to speak the language of mobile advertising, determine which provider is right for you, and which advertising formats are better to use, and also find out the most optimal procurement model that fits the goals of the advertising campaign. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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