How can theme events help your business?


    Recently, in the West, and here we have been practicing thematic events on an ongoing basis. Once or twice a month, the company arranges professional meetings to present its company’s services, test products and exchange experiences.

    Often, such events are held in the form of open networking: free participation, food and drinks for all visitors. Starting from the 5-10 first customers, some companies reach up to 100+ participants at each meeting. And, having sufficiently promoted their community, the organizers begin to monetize networking.

    So how can themed events be useful for your business?

    1) New customers. It’s a bit more likely that people will buy your product if they were present at its presentation and met with representatives of this company;

    2) Testing of new services and products. At the event, you can always ask the participants to do the first test and express their opinion about it. They will ask questions, make assumptions on convenience and improvement, and determine whether the product needs to be finalized before being released to the market.

    3) Advertising. Offering a discount or temporary free use of the product to participants attending an event, you will encourage them to tell their friends and colleagues about you, which ultimately can lead to new customers and users.

    4) Exchange of experience. Of course, such events will attract professionals in your field who, during conversations over a cup of coffee, can give you good advice;

    5) Partnership. At your meetings you will be able to meet with representatives of another company that can advantageously complement your product or service. By creating an affiliate network, you will successfully compete in the market.

    6) Monetization of events. Ultimately, when your meetings become popular, you can always start selling tickets for them, making an extra profit for your company;

    At the moment, the niche of professional events is not yet filled. But every day more and more companies begin to organize their meetings.

    What do you think about this? Do you have your own events?

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