FAS recognized Google as a violator of antitrust laws

    Photo: © Flickr / Robert Scoble

    Today, the head of the FAS information technology department Vladimir Kudryavtsev said that the Federal Antimonopoly Service recognized Google as a violator of antitrust laws. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the violator of the law “On Protection of Competition” is facing a so-called negotiable fine, writes RIA.

    “A decision has been made to recognize Google’s actions as a violation of part 1 of article 10 on competition protection,” said Kudryavtsev. According to this article, the offending company is obliged to pay a fine of 1-15% of the company's revenue in the market in which the violation was committed for the past year.

    Within 10 working days, an order should be published stating that the company should stop abusing its dominant position and take actions that are aimed at ensuring competition.

    Recall that the case against Google was initiated on the complaint of Yandex. According to representatives of the domestic company, Google dictates its own terms to manufacturers of mobile devices based on the Android OS. Yandex claims that Google forbids mobile device manufacturers to preinstall the applications and services of other Internet companies. For example, last year Google banned the preinstallation of any Yandex services on Fly, Explay and Prestigio mobile devices.

    At the same time, third-party companies gain access to key components of the platform, including Google Play, only on Google terms. As a result, an American company may even impose a ban on cooperation with competing services.

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