A bit of cloud usage statistics

    Today, we briefly analyze the study of Okta. This analytical document can give a couple of interesting insights - let's see what we are talking about. / photo Perspecsys Photos CC The study itself was conducted among 2,500 companies operating in 185 countries. Analysts were able to find out that a specific region does not affect the nature of the use of cloud services. By the way, more than 4 thousand different products were noted. An interesting fact is that the cloud from Microsoft surpassed Salesforce in popularity. Right next to them is Box.com , which has shown rapid growth since the launch.

    These findings are also noteworthy in light of the fact that the size of the company does not affect how the cloud is involved. The situation is about the same (plus or minus 3-4 applications). On average, their number is in the region of 11-15 cloud applications. Among the SaaS category, the leader in growth was the Slack messenger.

    What do we have

    Our own data on how customers use our virtual infrastructure suggests that Windows Server is the most popular OS for virtual servers . Windows Server 2008 (23%) is in second place, and Ubuntu 14.04 (12%) is in third place. Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 7 share 4th and 5th place. They manage 8% of the servers.

    PS A little about the work of our virtual infrastructure provider:

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