Messengers: communication channels

    We write and discuss a lot of messengers, their advantages and disadvantages, but the clear and clear goal of our company is to make the best means of correspondence, which would help you not only in communication and searching, you need information, but also in making new friends and acquaintances. If most instant messengers are directed inward (you communicate there with friends), then the mission and development direction of ChaTeam is outward, in the opening of new connections and channels.

    Groups, roomsor channels - this is the whole name of the same place where users can communicate on topics of interest to them. We call them simply - chats, so we will stick to this terminology. The ideology of each chat is to communicate on a selected topic that is interesting to everyone involved. Cats, sights, a computer game or a programming language - each will have its own channel in ChaTeam.

    This week the first version of Chatim for iOS was released , so we would like to talk about those channels and their types that exist in the application.

    In ChaTeam you can chat through:

    Public Channel- you can open your own, and each user of the messenger will be able to join it. Such a channel has a name with a description, each user will be marked with his name in the correspondence. Moderators (the creator of the chat and those whom he has empowered) will be able to disable objectionable. A public channel is great for communicating on interests and broad topics that are interesting to a lot of people. An already actively working example of an open communication channel is our tech support chat , where anyone can write about their wishes, difficulties, bugs in the application.

    Closed channel- it glows in the search with a name and description, but only those chosen by the creator and moderators can communicate in it. Such groups can be used, for example, for companies, public persons, it is convenient to talk about news and updates in them, limiting in advance the circle of people who can write in the general message flow. Look at the ChaTeam Development channel : developers report on their successes, but since the channel is closed, only they write to it. Since there are no large message flows here, you can monitor for updates through push notifications, receiving them directly on the home screen of your mobile device.

    Anonymous channel- an analogue of public, only all communication is not personalized. The channel has a theme, description and moderator, only all users write not from themselves, but from that guy, an anonymous character. Correspondence is visible to everyone who joins the channel. The closest analogue is the sensational Secret, in which each user was just an icon. A year ago, the application laid the foundation for a whole series of anonymous followers, but then the communication there vanished, and the application was closed last month. The power of anonymous channels, however, has not disappeared - it is a popular and interesting means of communication that can be used in the field of social support. For example, for crisis assistance services.

    Private channel- a closed channel that does not glow in the search. A great place to chat with friends, relatives, family, work colleagues and work groups. You invite the elite into it and in this circle communicate on a variety of topics without attracting outsiders and a staring audience.

    What else will be implemented in the future? We are thinking about channels for the media and sites where media resources can share their news and discuss them on the air. A feature of such chats will be the allocation of news in the general stream. In addition - photo chats, in which it will be possible to post only photos.

    There are many ideas, ChaTeam is developing rapidly and we are actively working on the systematics and functions of chats and would like to receive feedback. Which channel would you add? What are you missing?

    In our next article, we will examine in more detail the iOS application itself and tell what is there and what.

    ChaTeam is a Russian messenger that focuses on thematic communication. We hope that our ideology will allow companies, including companies, to more actively communicate with their customers, offer them help and communications on all issues. While you can subscribe to our blog on Megamose , already try the beta version of our application for Android and iOS , subscribe to our groups on Facebook and VKontakte in order to discuss the latest news.

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