The best innovations of social networks in 2018
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Hello again! Very little time remains until the launch of our SMM Specialist course , in which you will learn about the latest trends and learn how to work with the most relevant online marketing tools for advanced professionals.

We will talk about the trends of 2019 in the courses, and today we want to share material that tells about the best changes in social networks in 2018.

Social networks are constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of their users - sometimes it is for the better, sometimes not. Regardless of whether the new shows on Facebook Watchworth starting to use it, or what redesign Snapchat has made, changes in social networks are a controversial topic for millions of people using these sites every day. But sometimes changes take the whole site or application to a new level, improve the user experience (at least, make it not so tedious). Therefore, we look at the best changes in social networks over the past year.

Reddit's beautiful overhaul The

complete redesign of the Reddit website was met with a bit of an ambiguity , many users could not fall in love with the global interface changes. But this is the case when you appreciate the change over time: as soon as you get used to how much the appearance has changed, you begin to notice how good it is - especially if you have just started using Reddit, and the old design was considered flat.

Honestly, when I first saw a redesign, I was confused for a while. But soon I fell in love with the new visual-oriented “Card” style more than the old one. And over time, even appreciated the side panel, which is usually avoided. But if you just can not get used to the new style, you can always go back to the old.

YouTube has finally swallowed up Gaming.

YouTube Gaming has never argued that Twitch is from YouTube. They are very similar to each other and attract the same audience. But the problem is that YouTube tried to make Gaming a separate application, and it always seemed very uncomfortable. Fortunately, from next March this is no longer a problem.

A new feature that we add to the YouTube main page will help you find your favorite game videos. On our pages you will find more than 80,000 different games.
Recognizing that good old YouTubeSurprisingly, it generates more gaming traffic than Gaming itself, YouTube decided to embed Gaming back. Now he has his own portal on the main page of YouTube, and from this year he ceases to be a separate application. Using Gaming has become much more convenient - now you do not need to keep two different YouTube applications.

Facebook simplified Messenger 4

In the latest update, Facebook traversed the metaphorical lawnmower in its extremely popular, but randomly overgrown messenger. The update, released in October, cut the number of tabs and options, thereby greatly simplifying access to the content for which users came, namely messages.

While it still seems that the company is too zealous with the application, which was conceived as an extension to the chat function, but any deletions of unnecessary features in such an overloaded and confusing application are strongly encouraged. The fact that now you don’t need to wade through several tabs to access messages, each of which looks like a separate application, deserves a positive assessment of the latest update. In addition, the update added a dark mode that adds bonus points.

Separate IGTV on Instagram

As for the video, YouTube is still on top. But Instagram gradually began to occupy the video streaming niche. In June, it was officially announced the creation of a special video application IGTV. In it, users are no longer constrained by the limitations of the main application; they can download videos up to an hour in length, but continue to use the funky extra features of Instagram — stickers, filters, and so on.

Also, a feature has been added about which for a long time: a progress bar that allows you to move to the desired part of the video. Of course, this application is not suitable for everyone, but for Instagram itself, and for its young audience, this is a place where it is convenient to add content and not rush to download the YouTube app.

Twitter Tweets

This is a fairly small change from Twitter’s desire to become more “news”. He began working with local news organizations, offering only the latest news and personalized news alerts. However, it seems that the average user will most likely use the new Bookmark feature .

If you, like me, like to follow the mass twitter battles, then you will appreciate the opportunity to save one of the tweets for future use. This is especially useful if you follow the debates and want to come back to them later. This is also useful for tracking the news you want to read later - a kind of simplified, built-in version of Pocket.

These innovations we liked in 2018 the most. But maybe you think we missed something? Tell us in the comments!

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