We invite you to the autumn DIYorDIE Meetup November 17


    Mail.Ru Group DIY community is a community of developers who, in their spare time, master cool and unexpected things. For example, a smart home and a smart watch, a hug , a thermal imager on FLIR Lepton with your own hands , an electric bike with your own hands, and much more. Periodically, we are going to share our developments and share experiences with the same enthusiasts.

    We invite you on November 17, Saturday, to the Moscow office of the Mail.Ru Group for the 9th open DIY-Meetup. Program and link to registration under the cat.

    Meeting program:

    - “Hybrid LF amplifiers on 6N3P / 6N23P lamps and a TDA pair”, Maxim Efimov

    A report on how product development was carried out and its implementation with minimum cost.
    The following topics will also be covered.
    1. Are lamps needed in the 21st century?
    2. What is AB class, and why is this relevant?
    3. How to make production, almost without leaving their home, and earn?
    4. Digit or equivalent - what will win by the sound?
    5. Implementation of any projects at home, but with high quality.

    And other interesting topics. :)

    - “Where are you, my pussy ... where did you go for a walk?”, Vladimir Yaroslavsky

    The speaker will tell how to organize control over domestic (and not only) animals. This presentation will describe the mechanism for organizing control over pets using simple BLE modules, boards based on ESP8288, and the OpenSource system for the Home Assistant smart home.

    - “New paradigm for MK”, Igor Avtushenko

    Development of frameworks for programming MK.
    1. We study MK to registers.
    2. We use simple HAL, CMSIS, Embed, Energia, Arduino frameworks.
    3. We use complex frameworks ESP8266, ESP32.
    6. Use ready-made EasyLink examples for the CC1310.

    - “Internal optical signals of the rat brain as a cheap replacement for fMRT2”, Mikhail Sintsov

    In clinical and fundamental studies of the brain of humans and animals, they actively use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI, fMRI), which is used to measure the local blood supply and blood supply in the active brain region. Despite its low spatial and temporal resolution, fMRI has gained popularity as a completely non-invasive method for real-time brain research. But what to do when fMRI is unavailable - for example, a small laboratory? It turns out that the effective replacement of fMRI when working with animals is the registration of internal optical signals. The report will highlight the use of internal optical signals in rats, show the minimum setup for recording optical signals and describe biophysical models for data processing.

    - “Triple Brainfuck, or What is Madness,” Artyom Kashkanov

    Madness is the exact repetition of the same action. Time after time, hoping for a change. This is madness.

    First, the speaker started assembling the relay computer and has already reached the home stretch. Then he invented a tube computer on decatrons, vacuum tubes and neon indicators. Another attack of madness gave birth to a neuromorphic computer on elements of jet logic. In the report, Artyom will tell about each of them.


    The program of reports is scheduled to 15.00. After that, an open microphone will take place - a format where everyone can come out and say something, ask a question, ask for advice.

    To participate you must register . Do not forget your passport or driver's license.

    Join our DIY Telegram channel .
    Watch videos of previous meetings on the youtube-channel of the community.

    Collection of participants and registration: 10:30
    Start of reports: 11:00
    Approximate end of the event: 15:00
    Address: Moscow, m. Aeroport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p. 79.

    For those who cannot come, the video broadcast will be organized .

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